Top UK Mature Dating Site, Maturewoo, Now Offers a Mobile Version


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- The Top UK mature dating site, MatureWoo, now offers a mobile version! MatureWoo’s page is now customized to use on your mobile device. Now staying connected to MatureWoo has been made easier. For you to be able to access the mobile version of MatureWoo, you need to have an internet connection on you mobile device! Just type in the URL into the browser and you will be directed towards MatureWoo’s mobile page.

All MatureWoo users can now keep checking their profile and keep it updated everywhere they go without the need to install any other programs or download additional applications.

MatureWoo Now Customized For Your Mobile Device!

Benefits of a Mobile Version:
- If you are an old MatureWoo user you will find out that the mobile version is a compact and easy to use desktop version for your phone. The constant zoom in – zoom out process is no longer needed as the website has been customized for your phone.

- If you are in a scenario where you are at a line or at the bus, you can keep your profiles updated, or if when you need to go out somewhere and your are chatting with someone, you no longer need to make them wait for the next time you are home, you can keep chatting even when you are away.

What can MatureWoo do for you?
1. In the mobile version of MatureWoo, you can access all features in your phone. It has a local dating feature, which is specifically designed to help you find date with someone who lives within the neighbourhood.

2. Advanced search feature that MatureWoo offers you a lot of search criteria, MatureWoo itself will help you find that special someone. From the beginning, MatureWoo will give you the chance to reach the people who will match your search criteria in one go.

3. All of MatureWoo’s members profile is checked by their in-house support team to ensure you that only the real deal is given to you. They take security and safety in mind, thus, you won’t have to worry about anything when looking through the profiles in their website.

4. Through MatureWoo you can talk to people even when you are far from each other. Thanks to their mobile version website. You can give people you like a private message, tell them that they interest you. When you think you have found the right person, you can send an IM or Instant Message to set up a date where you both can enjoy and get to know each other in person.

About MatureWoo
MatureWoo is a mature dating site based in the United Kingdom especially catered to mature people. MatureWoo helps people who are in their forties and fifties go back into the dating game to find that special someone. When you create your own page at MatureWoo, you can tell everyone about who you are. Tell everyone about your hobbies and interests, these will help you find your perfect match in the online dating world.

Even to those people who have not made up their mind yet, MatureWoo will let you browse through its thousands and thousands of profiles so you and look at their photos and view their profiles. With over 700,000 profiles it is one of the biggest mature dating sites available.

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