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Topco Member Giant Eagle Praises Seegrid AGVs in Food Logistics


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2014 -- Seegrid, maker of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), is featured in the current issue of Food Logistics magazine, titled, “The Race To Automate: Wholesalers And Retailers Pass New Milestones.” Elliot Maras reported, “The challenges facing today’s food and beverage warehouse manager are numerous – SKU proliferation, omni-channel order fulfillment, burdensome new government reporting requirements, global trade opportunities, rising competition and more. And they can all be summarized by one overriding quest: improved efficiency that is economically justified.”

According to Maras, automated storage and retrieval systems continue to play a key role in making warehouses more efficient. Wholesalers are also increasingly relying on automated guided vehicles (AVGs), augmented by RFID and optical scanning, voice technology and pick-to-light picking systems.

Giant Eagle is a member of Topco Associates LLC, a $12.3 billion cooperative and leader in the grocery/supermarket industry. AGVs play a critical role for Giant Eagle, Inc., the Pittsburgh, PA based supermarket chain serving the Midwest, noted Rob Kuchta, distribution systems manager at Giant Eagle. The Seegrid AGVs, directed by the WMS, save a lot of transit time. Before the automated system, a driver had to drive pallets to a “reserve” location, and then drive back to the receiving dock. With AGVs, Kuchta estimates they save 35 percent to 45 percent per pallet hauled. “Having the Seegrid AGV do the non-value-added work has made the process more efficient,” explained Kuchta.

About Seegrid
Seegrid Corporation (, global leader of robotic vision-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs), designs, engineers, and manufactures AGVs for the materials handling industry to operate with simplicity, flexibility and affordability. The company’s state-of-the-art navigation technology requires no infrastructure for navigation—no wires, lasers, tapes, or magnets. Seegrid vision-guided AGVs are revolutionizing the movement of materials in manufacturing and distribution environments.

Creating economic and operational advantages, robotic pallet trucks, tow tractors, and walkie stackers optimize workflow processes by increasing productivity and reducing labor and operating costs. Seegrid AGVs improve workplace safety, reduce equipment and product damage, and deliver a rapid return on investment.

Maximize the efficiency and productivity of vision-guided AGVs by utilizing Seegrid Supervisor, a network appliance connecting, monitoring, and controlling a fleet of AGVs within an operation.

Recent acknowledgements include a 2014 Edison Award, Manufacturer of the Year award, and chosen as one of Food Logistics Top 100 software and technology providers. Seegrid was named to the list of Fast Company 50 Most Innovative Companies and Top 10 Most Innovative Robotic Companies 2013. Follow on Twitter @Seegrid.

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