Joe Bragg Releases Picks for Best Digital Pianos Available Online Today


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2013 -- The piano is hundreds of years old. While the traditional piano is made from wood and ivory, today’s most popular pianos are digital. Digital pianos provide the same musical experience of a traditional piano while also offering portability, customization options, and the ability to save and store audio files using a connected computer.

With so many different digital pianos available on the internet today, it can be difficult to know which one offers the best sound quality and value. That’s a problem that seeks to solve. At, visitors will find reviews for some of the most popular digital pianos available online today. All pianos featured on the site can be ordered through, which offers free shipping on digital piano orders along with a wide selection of products and accessories.

The homepage features a detailed comparison between some of the top digital pianos available today. All information is clearly displayed in a table chart, including important technical specifications like length, depth, height, weight, price, brand, and user rating.

As a spokesperson for explains, the website isn’t directly affiliated with any digital piano brand:

“When searching for digital piano reviews online, there are plenty of websites that seem to offer good advice, but actually end up pushing visitors into buying a product with which they are affiliated. In many cases, these products are hyped up with fake reviews and other disingenuous claims. With our digital piano reviews, product experiences are taken directly from consumers and we actually recommend a wide range of digital pianos from a number of different brands.”

Those who have never purchased a digital piano before in their lives can also read a purchasing guide at That guide explains concepts like weighted keys, number of voices, USB ports, and other points of comparison customers should make before buying a digital keyboard.

Digital keyboards also come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Some keyboards are designed to be nearly as large as real pianos, while others feature a slim design that can be placed on any flat surface.

In an effort to make the website’s information as accurate as possible, encourages users to leave comments on review articles. Whether buying a digital piano for the first time or looking to upgrade to a new digital piano, wants to help internet users find the perfect piano for their needs.

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