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Topical Antioxidants for the Skin May Offer Protection Against Free Radicals

Topical antioxidants for skin are an important part of any anti-aging program. THAT Skincare™ shares its 3 favorite eye serum antioxidants and how they can help revitalize the delicate skin around the eyes.


Oakland, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Premature aging is often blamed on the activity of free radicals, those pesky molecules found in the environment. Left to their own devices they can wreak havoc on the skin as well as the overall health of a person.

Free radical damage is believed to be minimized by avoiding excess UV exposure and abstaining from activities such as cigarette smoking. In addition, topical antioxidants may help counteract negative effects on the skin while eating antioxidant-rich foods may improve and protect overall health.

THAT Skincareā„¢ has identified 3 important antioxidants for inclusion in its popular eye serum. Vitamins C and E along with green tea extract have been incorporated into the potent dark circle and anti-puffiness formula. When combined with peptides and moisturizing ingredients they create a beneficial topical treatment for the delicate skin around the eyes.

3 Key Topical Antioxidants For Skin

Vitamin C - The All-In-One Eye Gel with Vitamin C uses a non-irritating form of vitamin C known as Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate. In addition to its benefits as an antioxidant, it also aids in the production of collagen which is responsible for the elasticity and tone found in younger skin.

Vitamin E - THAT Eye Cream contains tocopheryl acetate, a less acidic form of vitamin E compared to tocopheryl. In addition to being an antioxidant, it also provides hydration as well as contributes to skin texture and protection.

Green Tea Extract - Also referred to as camellia sinensis extract, green tea is a wonderful addition to topical skin products. Providing antioxidant benefits for the skin, it's also considered an anti-inflammatory.

According to THAT Skincare insider, "We designed our formula to be the ultimate under eye cream for puffiness, dark circles and crow's feet. Packed with antioxidants, peptides and moisturizing ingredients, it's the perfect serum to apply morning and night for great results. It goes on light and absorbs quickly."

By applying antioxidants directly to the skin, benefits often appear quicker than when obtained through diet alone. However, it's important to note that a healthy diet will be rich in antioxidants as well as other important nutrients. Most experts agree that an approach that includes both is preferable.

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