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Topical New Book Gives Readers Crash Course in Anger Management

Written by former comedian Keith Clinton, ‘Manage Anger Now: 101, Defusing a Nation’ is a timely book in the wake of a year filled with reports of violence in schools, workplaces and households. With a strategic and direct approach to managing anger, Clinton’s work is dedicated to reducing conflict and redirecting energy toward positive outcomes.


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- As Keith Clinton points out, we are all just one situation or conversation away from either exploding from unmanaged anger, or being the brunt of someone else’s dangerous energy.

“It’s frightening,” says Clinton, the author of new book, ‘Manage Anger Now: 101, Defusing a Nation’. “Unmanaged anger is truly a crisis. I don’t think most people realize how many violent situations could be prevented simply by dealing with this epidemic of rage that is taking hold within our communities.”

Clinton’s book is practical and intelligent, aiming to get to the root of anger and divert those emotions toward more productive and positive channels.

On a mission to reduce violence in formerly safe spaces, Clinton’s book is geared toward helping educators, students, parents and other authority figures properly manage anger in themselves, or those they come into contact with.

Although the author is a former celebrated stand-up comedian, para-educator and now minister, his past struggles with his own feelings have informed the book and given it a rare depth of insight.

“My personal triumph over anger has given me more awareness of anger management and a deeper compassion for hurting and angry people,” says Clinton.

Early reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive, with readers utilizing the tools outlined by Clinton to change their lives.

High School teacher Katie Woepke said: “…it is great! I think my favorite part is the anger/fear part and realizing things I have control over and things I don't. I enjoy having parts in the book to reflect. It is interesting how I see myself but I would also like to know how others see me…although, according to the book, we have to persevere and be the better person..."

‘Manage Anger Now: 101, Defusing a Nation’ is available now: http://www.manageangernow.net/#!book/cjg9

About Keith Clinton
Keith Clinton is a groundbreaking author, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and minister whose vibrant, timely, and relevant messages will compel your group to recalibrate their lives. His candid, inspirational, and often humorous style has become his trademark. Keith’s proven accomplishments in a variety of industries makes him an unique and credible voice of our times.
As a former stand-up comedian/actor, Keith has shared the stage with celebrities like Rickey Smiley, Tommy Davidson, Peabo Bryson, Bill Murray, and many others. He is the author of the new, popular book, Manage Anger Now 101, Defusing a Nation. His 2004, grass-roots documentary film, “Tales of Abortion” provided a rare opportunity for him to be invited to the White House.