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Topical New Book Imagines a Future Planet Where Humans and Superhumans Collide

From author Michael G. Watkins, ‘Rhuel (an anti-hero saga)’ is the provocative and electrifying tale of the world in 3022 AD. As seven villainous ‘Superhumans’ take over the White House and demand surrender, the repercussions of civil rights violations of long ago reverberate across Earth, leaving disaster in their wake.


Center Line, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- Although it’s science fiction, the events of a new book by Michael G. Watkins seem all too plausible.

In a United States that has confronted its own issues with privacy and security, more egregious civil rights violations seem possible in the near – not distant – future. Thousands of years in the future, will Americans be dealing with even more shocking fall-outs from a government that has meddled in their lives and peeked through their digital data?

‘Rhuel (an anti-hero saga)’ imagines a future with an earth that is teetering on the brink of annihilation. After a civil war in which humans fought against ‘Superhumans’, the President, a man named Thelonius Chenault, faces a devastating dilemma – surrender, or be destroyed by the last surviving ‘Supervillains’.

Gritty, vibrantly detailed and richly imagined, ‘Rhuel (an anti-hero saga)’ is a must-read for anyone who has ever wondered what the effects of an over-arching government might be, and for those who love a vivid story with a deep, underlying message.

Rule - to exercise ultimate power and/or authority over a geographical area and its people.

After a disastrous civil war where Humans fought Super-Humans, President Thelonius Chenault faces a dilemma: Surrender or be destroyed by the last surviving Supervillains.

As the author explains, it is a tale that hits close to home.

“’Rhuel’ takes a deeper look at civil rights, but from the perspective of a very distant future. The question often asked of any civil rights advocate is, ‘if Malcolm X had superpowers, how would he respond to the civil rights violations he endured?’ That’s what I explore in the book,” says Watkins.

Continuing: “I think that people should pay attention to the balance between the physical movement the Superhumans take in this story, versus the effect of peaceful approach. It’s an interesting contrast and it makes for a fascinating debate – what is the best way to combat these awful attacks on our liberty? Is peaceful protest always the best way? People will have a lot to ponder after they read this story.”

‘Rhuel (an anti-hero saga) is available now: at Amazon.com, http://amzn.to/1eSQAdn.

About Michael G. Watkins
Michael started writing 7 years ago, taking an interest in screenplay writing. Over the course of those years his focus was/is on all genres ranging from drama, horror, suspense, action, sci-fi. With over 13 properties completed and as the internet became more advanced and supportive of independents, Watkins took to the internet and digital publishing – transforming his scripts into digital mini-novels.

Rhuel (an anti-hero saga) was created as a result of Watkins feeling that the civil rights movement of the 60’s is being overlooked as an important legacy to democracy. The notion of what would Malcolm X, John F Kennedy, and Martin Luther King do if confronted with the dilemma that the Superlative race is faced with in the book in a futuristic advanced setting.

The twist however is that Rapture – leader of the Superlative race has superhuman powers and after his people suffered a genocide, in which the US Government was responsible for, Rapture and his team of Superhumans takes action against the very race(human race) that showed prejudice against his people.

As the story progresses it is difficult to determine just who is the antagonist and protagonist. It took Watkins 4 years to complete the script and digital novel of Rhuel, pronounced rule. The main objective is to highlight how important it is to continue to pay homage to civil rights for all humans. Watkins truly feels that it is the responsibility of all Americans and our government to continue to keep civil rights at the forefront of our legislative and executive order.

In modern times where our laws should protect gays, blacks, minorities, and working class people at times seems to be in jeopardy, Rhuel tackles a subject of civil rights that will challenge everyone.

Watkins continues to write and is currently working on Rhuel II (sequel), a suspense/espionage project, a relationship project for men/women, and a Horror/Action digital novel. All literary works that Watkins completes, regardless of genre, will yield a thought provoking and spiritual connection that will relate to a wide audience.