Joe Bragg Reviews the Best Legal Alternatives to Weight Loss Pill Phentermine


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- New weight loss pills appear on the market every day. However, some weight loss pills are so successful and controversial that they are discontinued soon after they are released. Phentermine is one such controversial pill. Although phentermine helps dieters lose significant amounts of weight, its unknown side effects have caused people around the world to be wary of it and start searching for healthier alternatives.

After phentermine became illegal, diet pill experts began to perfect the phentermine formula. These manufacturers stripped away the compounds that created dangerous side effects and focused on preserving the powerful weight loss properties of the wonder pill.

Today, the hard work of those dieting experts has paid off, and there are a number of safe and legal alternatives to phentermine. A website called aims to make choosing the best alternatives to phentermine as easy as possible.

At, visitors will find a selection of reviews of top phentermine-based diet pills. Although the website features reviews for multiple phentermine-based weight loss products, a spokesperson explains that one product consistently outshines all others:

“We’ve consistently been impressed with a phentermine-based weight loss supplement called Phen375. It’s our website’s number one recommended solution for those who are trying to lose weight. Phen375 is based on pure science instead of natural herbal remedies. Herbal remedies have proven to be completely ineffective and in some cases extremely dangerous to dieters, which is why we’re proud to endorse Phen375.”

Phen375 isn’t the only recommended diet pill on The website also highly recommends Adiphene. The spokesperson explains what kinds of advantages dieters can expect to experience when taking Adiphene:

“Adiphene is a more natural alternative to Phen375. We recommend Adiphene to those who are wary about taking synthetic compounds but still want to experience the powerful weight loss properties of phentermine. The all natural formula attacks belly fat in five different ways to ensure dieters have the flat and toned physique of which they have always dreamed.”

About is an online review website focused on finding the best alternatives to phentermine. The website highly recommends Phen375 and Adiphene as phentermine alternatives, both of which help dieters lose weight in a safe and effective way. For more information, please visit: