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Vienna, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2015 -- is a comparison website with a difference. It helps visitors to browse and compare the top ten products in any given category.

Why is useful for online shoppers

TopRateTen is one of the leading websites in its field. It offers shoppers an unbiased perspective when it comes to making buying decisions. When it comes to choosing products, people usually learn about one or two items. The problem with that approach is that they often miss out on products that could be a better fit for their needs.

The TopRateTen site is unique in that it offers visitors the ability to view and compare ten products. Those items are all researched by a team of consumer research experts.

They use many different metrics to determine where a particular product should rank in a top ten list:

- Popularity;
- Price;
- Availability;
- Sales rankings;
- Ease of use; and
- Product design.

How else are products ranked?

Apart from standard metrics, the TopRateTen team also use their experience and expertise. Only products that are most likely to get bought by consumers get shortlisted and ranked.

TopRateTen wants to ensure that people have access to products they will find useful. After all; there's no point referring to items that consumers don't like!

What other benefits are there to using

One thing that frustrates consumers is the time it takes to research products. Another is finding online retailers that sell those items. The main selling point of TopRateTen is how it solves both problems at once.

The website doesn't just list the top ten products in a particular category. It also links each product to a retail partner. That means consumers can be sure they'll get the best deal on whatever they wish to buy.

Smart Guides

There will often be times where one will need help to solve a specific problem. The Smart Guides section on the website aims to help those people out!

It offers practical advice on a range of given topics, along with the top ten products to solve those issues.

Examples include:

- The Best Duvet Cover Guide;
- The Best Teeth Whitening Kit;
- The Best RC Helicopter Guide; and
- The Best Radar Detector Guide.

There is a broad range of helpful guides on offer that make the buying process that much easier.

Gift Guides

Sometimes one will need to go online to buy a gift for a loved one, but they don't always know what they want. TopRateTen's Gift Guides section is a good way to help people select the right gifts.

Some of the Gift Guides one can expect to find include:

- Top 10 Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts;
- Top 10 Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend;
- Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Her; and
- Top 10 Best Graduation Gifts Ideas.

The website is the premier destination for making informed shopping choices. It offers consumers an unbiased and helpful way to choose the things they need. What's more, the site also links to retail partners that offer the best online prices.

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