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Topson Lighting Brings Up New Designer Models of the Lamps with Power Saving Technology

Topson Lighting launched new models of designer lamps with efficient Power Saving Technology. The experts from the company claim that their lamps are able to save remarkable Power Units annually.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Recent researches in the field of the Power Saving Lighting Technology needs to be brought in the practical usage in order to make the difference. The market is full of many lighting products with excellent theoretical claims for power saving, but insignificant practical figures. The Topson Lighting Company has claimed to launch the new designer models of the Modern & Contemporary Lighting Lamps that are based upon the E27 bulbs designs. The Experts assert that their lamps are able to save more than 15% power annually without giving up the heat and light of the conventional style lamps. Interestingly, the results of the experiments are in agreement with the claims made by the Company.

The Facts and Figures as per the Company’s Research Program describe that the Lightening Technology used by the products of Topson Lighting is based upon the highly power saving Electronic Circuits. Experts revealed that the clever modern circuits used by their products are capable of enhancing the efficiency of the lamps to a greater extent. “We have designed the circuits that utilizes the reverse Current Flow as well as the Reversal Pattern of the Alternative Current in the best possible manner”, Chief Executive Designer, Topson Lighting, says, “We have tested our technology to every benchmark possible to claim our quality products”.

According to the Official Resources, the company is in business of multiple types of the lightening products including the Table Lamps, Wall Lamp, Pendant Lamps and so on. The Table Lamp of the Topson Lighting has been designed keeping the ease and sophistication of the use in mind. The models are based upon the flat bottom of the table with the adjustable rod holding the light at the upper end. The experimental results by the company described that that an average table lamp model by the company is capable of saving more than 200 units of power every year as compared to a common table lamp in the market, as per 2013 figures.

The Third Party Verification Tests, by the Consumer Electronic Association, USA, described the positive results in agreement with that of the company’ figures and statistics. The serge mouille lamp model of the lightening is based upon the flexibility of uses. The adjustable rod of the lamp is always ready to be in any position twisted to be.

According to Reports of the Market Surveys, the Topson Lighting products are doing well as compared to that from others. The sales figures of the filament sconce models by the company outwit others by more than 12% profit amount. Also, the launch of new designer lamps in the market by Topson Lighting has been remarked by the two fold increase in the sale count of the company in the USA alone. This describes the positive response of the people towards the products.

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