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Toro Road Runners Expands to San Francisco


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2017 -- Toro Road Runners, a company that has been providing professional towing and lockout services to residents of California for many years, has expanded and now offers its services to drivers in San Francisco.

With other locations in Oakland, Richmond, San Jose, and Berkeley, marketing manager Matt Nelson says Toro has always focused on slow, strategic growth. "With each new location, we have spent time developing our experience and expertise in the region, and have worked to be part of the community we served. We have always grown with patience in mind, never before we are fully certain we have the capability to add more service areas, and this is no exception."

Part of Toro's success has been this slow approach to growth, and its commitment to customer service and professionalism. Together, these have helped Toro develop a reputation for reliability, integrity, and efficient and effective service.

As part of its continued growth and expansion into new markets, the company also recently launched a new website that is more user friendly and accessible. Offering quick access to Toro's different locations, along with listings of the various services, and a toll-free number, Toro provides quick and easy access to information, and to the services clients need.

Just as it does from its other locations, the new San Francisco location offers all of the same services Toro has grown to be known for. "We offer our 24/7 30-minute service time on all of our same range of services," says Nelson.

Toro's wide range of services include towing and specialty towing including heavy duty services, flatbed, wrecker, and private property tows. Emergency towing requires specific skill and knowledge in order to keep tow drivers, vehicle drivers and passengers, and vehicles safe. The team at Toro is trained and experienced in the most difficult of scenarios and is equipped to handle the sometimes challenging geography of the region.

Roadside assistance services from flat tire change to out of gas service means that many issues can be dealt with on location, without a tow and the inconvenience that can add. "If we can fix the problem on the spot and get the client back on the road, that is always the goal," says Nelson.

Toro's drivers are also experienced and certified auto locksmiths. This means they can provide car key replacement services, including transponder key cutting, and are qualified for a variety of lockout challenges including open trunk solutions, broken key extraction, and ignition key replacement. "A lockout can be as frustrating as a situation that requires a tow. Fortunately, our drivers are able to apply equal expertise to lockouts to get drivers back on the road quickly."

Nelson says this may be just the next step in Toro's evolution and doesn't suggest the company will stop here. Rather, he says, the team will take time to slowly develop and focus on its San Francisco market, before it considers additional growth. "We're pleased to be here in San Francisco now and will apply our experience and expertise to serving this market."

He says as Toro grows in its capabilities and the experience of the team it is building, the company may look at other adjacent markets for future expansion. "However," says Nelson, "that would not be until we have satisfied ourselves that we are serving each of our existing markets – including San Francisco fully – and until we have a team of qualified professionals trained in the Toro way, who would be able to move that capability into a new market."

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