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Toronto, Ontario Company Offers an Effective, Green Solution for Bed Bug Infestations


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2013 -- Toronto Public Health has reported an increase in calls from citizens within the last few years involving bed bugs and problems associated with infestations, such as infections and allergic reactions.  Bed bugs are considered to be a serious public health risk due to their ability to spread from one home to the next, as well as the financial burden and health problems that these pests leave in their wake.  Often problems are made worse when the initial attempts to eradicate the infestation fail, leading to long term exposure to the bugs as well as additional expenditures in order to finally get rid of them.

Bed bugs have taken metropolitan areas such as Toronto and New York City by storm in recent years, with health officials seeing a surge in infestation rates that hasn't been recorded since the 1970s and before.  Many exterminators simply lack the necessary experience required in order to effectively remove these bugs from the homes which they are treating.  As is often the case, toxic and potentially dangerous chemicals are over utilized in the eradication process, sometimes leading to unintended consequences such as sickness for the residents and pets of the home.

Fortunately, residents of Toronto and the surrounding communities have an experienced firm available that not only knows how to effectively treat bed bugs, but does so in a completely safe, environmentally responsible way.  Bed Bugs and Beyond uses thermal heat equipment in order to kill off infestations of bugs more quickly and thoroughly than when compared to using chemical solutions.  In fact, experts agree that thermal heat is the best way to kill off populations of bugs without having to require multiple follow up visits.

When pesticides are used, it takes an average of three visits before the bed bug populations are totally eradicated.  Simply put, these bugs have become resistant to the very chemicals which were designed to kill them in the first place.  Fortunately, heat resistant bugs don't exist.  With thermal heat, there isn't anywhere for these bugs to hide and nothing for them to do other than to die.  As a result, you get an effective treatment the first time, greatly reducing the likelihood of necessary follow-up visits.  So residents can not only save money but also time, while choosing the solution that is best for them, their family, and the environment.

About Bed Bugs and Beyond
Bed Bugs and Beyond are experts in thermal heat technology, designed to completely destroy populations of bed bugs in just one day's time.  This chemical-free, non-toxic solution uses the power of heat to penetrate walls, mattresses, and other locations where bed bugs live and thrive.  Best of all, unlike with pesticides, thermal heating kills all growth stages of these bugs, including the eggs.  So residents can rest assured that after one treatment, their homes are absolutely bug free.  For the environmentally friendly choice that works best and won't sicken you or anyone you love, visit the Bed Bugs and Beyond website today for a free estimate.

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