Sporting FC Announces Soccer Camp Dates for Youth Players

Developmental skills will be the main focus of the camp for all ages.


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2012 -- Local youth in the Toronto area have a great opportunity to learn about soccer from seasoned players.

Enrolling a child in a soccer camp provides a great opportunity for kids to grow their knowledge about soccer both on and off the field. Sporting FC in Toronto aims to do just that with its annual summer soccer clinics, where the participants will be taught by lifelong soccer players who have a passion for the game.

“We really want to get more kids interested in soccer, and these camps are a great stepping stone to help them get better as they get older.” says camp coach Paulo Marques, who coaches the U11 age group. “Providing young players with a good fundamental base is extremely important, as it allows for a more advanced skill set to develop later on down the road.” he adds, referring to the fact that the camp wants to help everyone get a good grip on the basics of the game.

Sporting FC offers camps for various age groups, including U10, U12, and U16, having separate camp weeks for each group in order to be able to focus on the developmental skills necessary to be successful.

Since different age groups have different needs, the professionals at Sporting FC have developed an age-specific plan for each of the three camps. The younger crowd, mainly the U10 group, will focus more on learning basic skills which can lead to being able to learn easier down the road when it comes time to put everything they have learned into action against other players in a competitive atmosphere.

The U12 and U16 group is more focused on taking what the participants already know and refining it in order to help the player become better overall and to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in their game. Once these have been established, older players can learn to play to their strengths, and to spend extra time and practice trying to improve what they are weak in.

Having fun is also one of the main goals of each age group, which is what makes Sporting FC one of the best Toronto soccer organizations. The coaches are there to provide one on one training if there is a need, and since everyone in the organization knows what it is like to play and train as a child, they know exactly what to do so that each kid at the camp has fun, and comes away a better soccer player.

About Sporting FC was created in 2011 to help get the word out about one of Toronto’s foremost soccer training academies run by former players and coaches in order help kids develop good fundamentals and excel at a competitive level. The site is maintained by Sporting FC technical director Pedro Dias, who has been with the organization since the beginning. In July of 2012, Sporting FC will be holding soccer camps for kids who are 16 years old and young.