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Toronto's Hero Headquarters Adds Heroic Web-Slinger to Party Entertainment Options

New addition is already proving to be one of most popular yet, enthralling children at parties through the Greater Toronto Area, Hero Headquarters reports


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2015 -- Hero Headquarters announced that the company has made a new addition to its team of crime-fighting, party-attending superheroes. The company's new Amazing Spidey Parties will give kids throughout the Greater Toronto Area a chance to meet, learn about, and play games with a web-slinging hero played by a highly trained, professional actor. With a rapidly expanding roster of caped and costumed crusaders ready to provide thrilling entertainment at Superhero Parties for children, Hero Headquarters is a recently established offshoot of Toronto's highly regarded Princess Party Ever After Entertainment.

"Since launching earlier this year, we have had a wonderful time providing unforgettable entertainment at parties all around Toronto and surrounding cities," Hero Headquarters representative Stefanie Smith said, "We're happy to report that another popular superhero has now joined us in our quest to make events throughout the region as exciting and memorable as possible. This iconic arachnid hero is already swinging through Toronto's streets on the way to making a local party unforgettable for all who attend."

With a staff of professional actors trained at some of the world's top acting and musical theater schools, Ever After Entertainment provides entertainment for highly memorable Princess Parties for children throughout the Greater Toronto Area. The company's thirteen distinctly themed packages each include 60 minutes of entertainment directed at children aged two through ten. A grand entrance sets the stage for each Princess Party, with actresses playing roles ranging from the Ice Queen and Snow White to Tinkerbell and Cinderella. Singing, stories, games, and even makeovers follow, with photo opportunities and birthday celebrations also being available.

As Princess Party Ever After Entertainment grew and its entertainers became frequent fixtures of events around Toronto, the company's founders resolved to create a complementary service focusing on superheroes. Opened earlier this year, Hero Headquarters has quickly become every bit as popular as its sister company, giving children throughout the area the chance to meet and go on missions with some of the most famous and admired superheroes of all.

As with Princess Party Ever After, Hero Headquarters employs highly trained, professional actors for every event. The service's 60-minute party entertainment sessions focus on particular superheroes, first giving guests a chance to learn about the origin stories and backgrounds of each. Afterward, children are guided through fun activities specific to each hero, a warm-up that culminates in a simulated mission led by the superhero.

In adding the web-slinging superhero to the company's offerings, Hero Headquarters brings its selection of options to five, with the roster set to expand even more in the near future. Those interested in booking the Greater Toronto Area's most exciting and memorable entertainment for children's parties can learn more at the Hero Headquarters and Princess Party Ever After websites.

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Hero Headquarters brings the magic and excitement of the world's most famous superheroes to children's parties and other events throughout the Greater Toronto Area, employing professionally trained actors who guide guests through a range of fun, memorable activities.