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Torque Motor Manufacturer Alxion Reveals Detailed Specifications for State-of-the-Art Machinery


Colombes, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Torque motor and permanent magnet generator manufacturer Alxion recently announced the release of an extensive application note designed to address any questions automation engineers may have regarding Alxion’s range of ST and STK torque motors for direct drive of automated axis with torques from 7 Nm up to 11000 Nm. Included in the application note are the complete specifications for electronic drives and supplies for controlling the motors and the associated position transducers both for frameless versions and complete built-in versions. Alxion's purpose through its detailed application notes is to guide users and make its technology for direct drive motors and alternators more accessible.

This application note, which is now available online at Alxion’s website, now completes the previously released application note that was dedicated to Alxion STK alternators for direct drive of small wind turbines from 500 W up to 100 KW.

According to an article on Alxion’s website, “Alxion motors and alternators are known for their compactness, their accuracy and lowest cogging torque, their high torque-to-weight and power-to-weight, their high efficiency and their reliability demonstrated by the numerous years of intensive use in-the-field with entire satisfaction.”

A pioneer in the production and design of the premier high torque motor for factory automation, Alxion machinery is in high demand worldwide, with over 6,000 units currently operating in machine tools, industrial printing machines, extruders, injection molding factories, electrical vehicles, specialty machines and small wind turbines.

Alxion ST and STK torque motors are three-phase permanent magnet multipolar synchronous motors with high-energy rare earth iron-neodymium permanent magnets. The use of such specialized components means that the motors can be controlled by electronic servo drives and motion control systems that are already available on the market.

The range of STK permanent magnet alternators, also known as permanent magnet generators, addresses the applications of each class of wind turbine generator currently available. “Their extremely compact design and high efficiency allow them to be used in direct drive in small wind turbines as wind turbine generators and windmill generators,” an article on Alxion’s website noted.”

About Alxion
Alxion is an undisputed leader in High Torque Permanent Magnet Motors for Factory Automation and Alternators for Wind Turbines operating in Direct Drive without gear. Established in 1987 as one of the first pioneers of direct drive torque motors with its range of FC High Torque Motors, the complete ST and frameless STK Torque motors and alternators were designed in the 2000s with strong rare earth magnets and already more than 6000 units are operating successfully worldwide in machine-tools, industrial printing-machines, extruders, injection molding, electrical vehicles, special machines and of course small wind turbines. For more information, please visit http://www.alxion.com