Partsmaster Torrent

Torrent with Aerospace Chemistry Keeps Aircraft Wheel and Brake Assemblies Flying…Fast

Division of leading aerospace firm is saving thousands with one Torrent


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- A division of one of the world’s leading aerospace companies has put the Torrent Aqueous parts cleaner to the test. The division builds and repairs wheel and brake assemblies for the commercial aviation industry. Their system commits two technicians who devote a majority of their time to a dedicated clean room. Their previous parts cleaning solution using solvent based cleaning required them to soak a part for over half an hour. This delayed the job. Now they wash the bearing and heat shield fast and move on to complete the job with no extended delay. The Torrent works fast and now so do they. The Torrent parts washer has made the clean room a much happier place.

The technicians are not the only ones who are happy. Operations is happy about the savings they have achieved using the Torrent. “One Torrent is saving their cleaning operation over $48,000 annually. Utilizing the Torrent’s efficiency improves cleaning speed by over 400% over their previous solution yielding more productivity from their technicians” says Curt Selby, Partsmaster Director of Marketing.

The company cannot quantify the value of the improved health and safety that the Torrent provides. The Torrents’ advanced design with the enclosed cabinet, the biodegradable aqueous cleaning solution and the elimination of exposure to harmful VOC-laden solvent not only improves worker health and safety but morale too! Finally, the planet benefits by the reduction in airborne VOCs from their previous solvent cleaning solution. For more information about Partsmaster, their Torrent aqueous parts washer and the savings customers have experienced, visit their website at

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