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Torsby Celebrates a Year in Business with Release of New PTFit Back Massager

PTFit has created a new hybrid back massager that Torsby have launched on the Amazon marketplace to provide the ultimate in muscular tension relief.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Sitting in office chairs for hours on end every day, lifting and carrying things, or even engaging in sporting activities- it seems there is nothing people can do without creating a degree of muscle stress and tension that builds into discomfort. Despite this ubiquitous condition, massage is still a specialist and expensive practice, and this leaves many people living uncomfortable lives. PTFit have created a hand held mechanical back massager that provides the ultimate relief affordably, and Torsby has hosted the product on Amazon just in time for a last minute Christmas buy.

This flagship product, named the PTFit Multi, has a flexible ‘shepherds crook’ design that allows a folding arm to access the back with active rollers while the user operates it from the front, or use the rollers on the handle to massage legs and feet. The design makes it easy to use and efficient for storage and travel.

PTFit back massagers are unique from other self massage tools in that they are crafted from high-quality birch plywood instead of plastic, and feature a rolling massage wheel, making them easy to use as well as comfortable. The PTFit line of self massage tools are all manufactured by craftsmen from premium materials in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Torsby LLC are the biggest supplier of PTFit and do the majority of their business through Amazon, where the product and seller alike are receiving solid five star reviews from customers.

A spokesperson for Torsby LLC explained, “PTFit have created the Multi not just with efficiency of storage and effectiveness of use in mind, but also with ergonomic design features that make the product not just easy to use, but a pleasure to use, as those looking for massage products will no doubt be in need of an enjoyable experience of relief after building up the tension in the first place. We at Torsby are proud to stock this product and proud of our commitment to ultimate customer satisfaction through dedicated service.”

About PTFit and Torsby LLC
PTFit massagers were invented by Dale Niggemann in 2012 and are manufactured in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Paul Carlson is the owner of Torsby, LLC, an online retailer offering PTFit Products for sale on At Torsby they build their business by word of mouth and customer reviews, strive for 100% customer satisfaction and give personal attention to all online transactions. For more information, please visit: