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Torture or Simply the Best? 10X Stretcher Makes Stretching Comfortable and Fun


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2016 -- Olympics just ended. We held our breath seeing gymnasts perform jaw-dropping feats. And today 10XActive launches the 10X Stretcher allowing everyone to become super flexible from the comfort of their homes.

Flexibility is the foundation for dance, ballet, gymnastics, martial arts and other sports. But it's often left to outdated, painful techniques. And then there are the millions of office workers with tight hamstrings and sore calves...

Introducing the 10X Stretcher. It's a portable stretching equipment designed for comfort and durability – something that has been missing from the stretching market where equipment often reminds us of torture chambers.

"We believe being active and fit should be fun and easy. Which is pretty much the opposite of how you would describe stretching. How can such a beneficial activity be so tough? That's why we partnered with a professional stretch coach. We wanted to make stretching fun, comfortable and safe – maybe for the first time ever. Inspired by dance stretchers we created the 10X Stretcher. We took what worked already, re-designed every single detail and added several features no other stretcher offers so that it works for you regardless your level of flexibility."

The 10X Stretcher is the first portable stretcher to feature:

- Padded loops to avoid rope burn and provide comfort while stretching.

- A custom-made carabiner which allows you to stretch anywhere and with your full range of motion – stretching outdoors in the park has finally become a reality.

- Materials strong enough to hold over 300 lbs for a safe stretch.

- A cushioned door anchor – simply hang it over a door, close the door and you're ready to stretch in seconds.

With this unique set of features the 10X Stretcher enables a wider audience to stretch at home, gym or even outdoors. Whether you are a dancer, gymnasts, do Taekwondo, ballet or simply want to stretch out after work, only a few minutes each day has shown to have a significant impact. That's why 10XActive is thrilled to present the 10X Stretcher to the world.

About 10XActive
Following its mission "an active life is a happy life" 10X Active creates new solutions to common hurdles and problems that may keep people from enjoying an active lifestyle. 10XActive was founded in 2016 and has already launched two products: the 10X Roller and the 10X Stretcher – both pushing the boundaries in their fields. For the 10X Stretcher a team of dancers and stretch coaches with over 40 years experience got together and refined every detail over a period of 6 months. Customers can order theirs on Amazon in the USA and on

Company: 10XActive
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