BroomBiz LLC Creates App to Help Spread the Message About Missing Children


Cedar Falls, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- In the US over 800,000 children are reported missing every year. Parents recognize that for children to grow up into healthy adults, their freedom can’t be completely restricted. To learn responsibility they need to be given some freedom too. Unfortunately this carries the risk of children going missing. It’s a tough situation for parents, but new technological solutions are helping parents locate their missing children.

One site getting a lot of attention lately in this area is The site has recently come to prominence due to their Missing Child Alerts app (available at

This innovative new Android and iPhone application helps the parents of missing children spread the word through social media, increasing awareness and ultimately helping to locate the child.

The app allows parents and other concerned individuals to share a photograph of the child with all their Facebook friends in a single click. Information about the missing child is also shared. This then creates a chain reaction where the information continues to be passed on through the social network. Potentially this can lead to thousands of people seeing the message within a few minutes.

Missing Child Alerts also contains additional functionality. It allows users to search for information about missing children in their state, and to get an alert every time a child goes missing in their local area.

The Apps developer Tory McBroom commented on the genesis of the App:

“As a full time internet marketer I know how powerful social media can be. I wanted to harness my skills and that of social media to do something positive for the wider community. I decided to focus on helping parents locate their missing children which is close to my heart as a father myself. The app uses the viral nature of Facebook to spread the message about missing children, this allows potentially thousands of people to be updated about a missing child within minutes. We have other great functionality including alerts when new children go missing in your area. I’m hoping parents will download the App so we can collectively find children in the shortest possible time. It may sound like a cliché but I believe together we can make a real difference.”

About is the home of online entrepreneur Tory McBroom. The site is dedicated to helping others in all facets of life - from creating an income online to managing health and wealth. Tory’s latest project is an App that hopes to raise awareness of missing children.

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