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Tosta Aluminium Announces Availability of Specialized Aluminium Discs & Lithographic Coils for Home Appliance & Printing Industries

Tosta Aluminium Enterprise is the SINO-Aluminium Corporation of China that announces to offer aluminium discs and lithographic coils for the worldwide clients in the home appliances, printing and construction sectors.


Chai Wan -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2014 -- Aluminium is often recognized as one of the best recyclable metals. This is the reason why it is used in many industries. China based Tosta Aluminium is one of the leading aluminium suppliers that specialize in a wide variety of aluminium parts to be used in a variety of industries. The company announces the availability of lithographic coils and discs made of aluminium that are in high demand for home appliances, printing and construction industries.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that they maintain a ready stock of aluminium discs and lithographic coils to be shipped at any time to anywhere across the globe. "The coils and discs are made of high quality aluminium to help meet the desired requirements of the industries. One can always find aluminium products available with us with the desired specifications," the spokesperson states.

They supply aluminium discs or circles with the front coating of non-stick and anti-adhesive from Dupont called Teflon. This makes discs more appropriate for manufacturing kettle, cookware and other similar products. According to the spokesperson, these discs are in great demand and they now assure of anytime delivery of the product in any quantity. The discs are available in varied thickness and with different flatness levels and thus one can rest assured of finding aluminium circles to meet their requirements.

Tosta Aluminium’s lithographic coil is also in great demand, particularly for offset printing. They have several industrial clients who procure Aluminium lithographic coils from them on a regular basis. Still, they announce the availability of these coils for new clients who are interested to buy the product from them. The coils are available in various thicknesses with a better tensile strength and approved technical standards. The coils are available with Normal PS Plate, Color PS Plate and CTP PS Plate to be used in offset printing of newspaper and books with a variety of papers.

For more details about the products and for their precise specifications, one may visit the website http://www.aluminiummanufacturer.com

About Tosta Aluminium Enterprise
Tosta Aluminium is subordinated to SINO-Aluminium Corporation of China, known as CHINALCO. It is recognized as the largest aluminium processing enterprise in China for its leading facilities and equipment. The merger with SINO-Aluminium brought Tosta Aluminium new equipment with modern technology to manufacture specialized products, such as lithographic quality coil for offset printing, aluminium discs/circles for household appliance, and prepainted coil/sheet for construction and decoration.

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