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Total Health Institute Proudly Announces the Launch of a New Ministerial Program

Total Health Institute Spreads the Message of Total Health of Body, Mind and Spirit


Wheaton, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- Total Health Institute proudly announces the launch of a ministerial program to enable faith-focused individuals who desire to minister to the whole person. With the THI School, Total Health Institute will begin to spread the message of total health of body, mind and spirit worldwide. "The Total Health Institute school allows participants to minister total health to those God has brought into their path of life," Dr. Nemec of the Total Health Institute ( declares.

Total Health Institute offers Christian focused alternative health treatment, making use of a variety of tools, including a holistic, vegan based diet. At all times, a fundamental approach to healing ensures patients make full use of their God-given ability to repair and restore their own bodies. Using seven basic steps, people learn to reach a natural balance when it comes to their health, to empower the body to heal itself while also protecting it from disease, illness and premature aging. "The seven steps include air, water, food, sleep, exercise, fasting, and prayer and all are essential to complete healing as they provide the body with the fundamental resources needed to achieve and maintain total health," Dr. Nemec explains.

In addition to making use of the seven basic steps, Total Health Institute utilizes comprehensive testing along with medical and natural doctors working together to offer the best of both worlds in one facility. An inpatient facility, detoxification center and teaching facility offer access to the most advanced alternative treatments and therapies and up to date research is used at all times. "Patients need comprehensive treatment of the cause of their health challenges, rather than a treatment plan which focuses only on addressing symptoms currently being seen, and this comprehensive treatment is exactly what Total Health Institute offers, along with a great deal more," Dr. Nemec continues.

Often, couples find that one is in balance and yet the other isn't which can lead to issues in the marriage. The marriage tends to only be as strong as the weaker partner and the staff at Total Health Institute understands this and now offers a THI Marriage Retreat to help both parties restore and strengthen the marriage. "The marriage retreat makes use of the seven basic steps to total health to strengthen both parties and the marriage, empowering both parties so they can become One with Him fully, which is what God intended with marriage. Total Health Institute wants to see all marriages succeed in the eyes of the Lord and this retreat helps couples to make their marriage cord of three strands that cannot be broken," Dr. Nemec proclaims.

About Total Health Institute
Total Health Institute, a leading alternative Christian focused healing facility, helps patients restore their health and overcome cancer, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disorders, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, chronic fatigue, pain syndromes, neurological disorders and more, using self-healing methods. Conventional medicine often fails to treat the cause of potential life threatening diseases focusing only on the effect. Total Health Institute instead chooses to focus on the cause so the body can become healthy again not just temporarily get rid of a disease. It is more than treating symptoms, conditions or diseases, but becoming as healthy as God intended each person to be. This is done with the use of seven basic steps to help patients achieve total health before the focus turns to creating a natural balance for the body so patients can remain drug free and doctor free permanently.