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Total Soccer Advises Players to Stay Sharp Through Winter with Indoor Drills


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2019 -- There's no denying that kids from Montgomery County enjoy soccer classes — who doesn't love to run around and play sports outside on a nice day? However, as the weather becomes more and more frigid, many young soccer players begin to lose their touch. This has almost nothing to do with natural ability, and pretty much everything to do with how dedicated they are to staying sharp. Total Soccer understands how important it is to refine soccer skills during the offseason, so they recommend athletes to try a few fun activities indoors while they wait for warmth.

One of the offseason activities that Total Soccer suggests to students of the game, juggling, is nothing new. But juggling with a purpose is the key to making it a productive activity, rather than aimlessly kicking the ball around — the goal should be to strengthen the "weak foot." If that sounds too boring, another option is a game called "Soccer Tennis." Soccer Tennis is like regular tennis, except you use your feet, head, chest, etc. to hit a soccer ball over the (indoor) net, instead of a tennis ball. Two bounces on anyone's side is a point for their opponent.

Wall ball is another game that's played differently in the context of soccer. The objective when playing soccer wall ball is to play the ball off the wall, gain control of it with a touch after it bounces back, then quickly and deliberately play it off the ball again. This helps soccer players improve their touch and handling skills, and is another opportunity to work on the "weak foot."

When winter finally ends, coaches will be able to tell who continued to grind through the offseason and who allowed their abilities to wither. Visit today to learn more about Total Soccer's private soccer lessons in Montgomery County!

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