Total Training Boot Camp Enhances Endurance, Decreases Stress and Anxiety and Trains Members to Lead an All-Round Healthier Lifestyle

The Orange County Boot Camp is a one-month conditioning program wherein a tight-knit community of women will transform members’ bodies and lives by helping them get fitter, more toned and stronger from the inside


Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- Fat loss, a toned body and inner strength are on the top of the lists of almost everyone out there today thanks to the global hype surrounding fitness and health maintenance. That exercise routines have to be strenuous, exhaustingly boring and monotonous is a misconception which is far from the truth of the new age methods of achieving fitness goals like those provided by Total Training Boot Camp. At the Orange County Boot Camp classes of this premium fitness destination, members are guaranteed to see desired results at the lowest prices and in the quickest manner possible.

This one of a kind training program will be a full bod conditioning that will sculpt, reshape and tone very moving part of the body. The core team of certified, qualified and highly experienced women instructors at Total Training Boot Camp creates an informative and motivational atmosphere by constantly changing the workout routines so that members remain actively engaged and interested in their path to long term fitness. Members are given the option to choose the closest boot camp location from among multiple training venues.

The boot camp sessions include exercises like resistance training and cardiovascular workouts such as Cone Drills, Lunges, Squats, Obstacle Courses, Push-ups, Jumping Jacks, Weight Training, Mat Work, Sprints, Jump Rope, Running (short distances), Stability Ball/Medicine Ball Training, Stretching and many such effective routines. Besides these exercises, a variety of other services and products are given complimentary to the members such as Body composition analysis to keep track of the results and a calorie calculator that monitors the daily calorie intake.

About Total Training Boot Camp
The Orange County Boot Camp and Personal Training programs of Total Training Boot Camp are the USP factor of this fitness center. It guarantees to make its members fitter and reach their body shape goals with a 100% money back assurance. The company presents an informative and motivational environment which helps members maintain their focus on exercising regularly, eating healthy food and staying fit and trim. Its various kinds of unique exercise programs provide a dynamic group atmosphere which aids weight losers achieve their health and fitness objectives while boosting their self-confidence.

Media Contact: Tammy Niemann
Location: Orange County, CA