Total Training Orange County Launches Fitness Boot Camp


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- The one month long bootcamp at Total Fitness gives its participants a thorough boost of energy and helps them get in shape and adopt a healthy attitude towards life. A healthy mind in a healthy body; this is a very old saying and to say the least, is very true. To have a healthy mind it is absolutely essential to have a healthy body and that is what the bootcamp is all about. The trainers at this bootcamp ensure that the training bears results that will be visible. The main focus at this bootcamp is to lose all the unhealthy fat and gain a lean and toned body the healthy way.

There are several bootcamps out there that adopt a military approach which instils a sense of fear in its members. This is not the style that Total Training adopts. Their bootcamp has a more team oriented approach which encourages its members to lose weight and get fit. The team of instructors that lead this bootcamp are highly experienced in their field and will help and guide them. Along with the rigorous workout training, training is also provided in nutrition so that overall health will be ensured. Adopting the right attitude is also important and this is what the bootcamp is all about. The Orange County Bootcamp program ensures that a person lives a healthy and fit life. They also have a money back policy wherein a person who does not see any changes in 30 days can get their money back.

This bootcamp promises to give firmer arms and legs, thighs and buns with increased energy and strength. It will also help the members get flatter abs and an improved posture along with an increased level of self confidence and self esteem while reducing stress and anxiety.

The best part about this boot camp is that a person can try it for FREE for a week and see if they like the regimen. The bootcamp by Total Fitness has won several laurels, the most precious one being "Best Workout in Orange County" by CitySearch.

About Total Training Orange County
At Total Training’s Orange County Bootcamp program, the trainers train the members to get actively involved in leading a healthy lifestyle and adopting an exercise regimen that will help them in the long run. They provide rigorous physical training for a period of one month in this bootcamp which will ensure their overall well being.

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