Total Transcript Solution - Parents Who Homeschool Have a New College Solution


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- Parents who homeschool their teenage children have run into big problems with documenting their children’s grades for college admission. Until now, parents have either spent countless hours retracing their kids’ scores on assignments to create scores and compute their GPA in a host of required classes or they’ve paid dearly to take course work from accredited independent organizations.

Educator Lee Binz had a different idea that organized and valued the learning experiences that parents constructed for their children in a way that would be recognized by all different levels of college admissions programs. She took her knack for research and investigated the problem homeschooled high school students had with translating their studies and knowledge into acceptable homeschool transcripts for college admissions officers.

“This is a huge problem for many students who have received tremendous instruction during their high school years at home,” offers Dr. John Davis of California State University Dominguez Hills. “Many of these kids have had rich learning experiences and have gone through rigorous studies in the sciences, mathematics, literature and history. It would be a shame for that knowledge to be devalued simply because it doesn’t conform to the documentation standards set by public schools.”

To solve this need, Lee Binz created the state-of-the-art guide for parents who need to construct their student’s experiences in a format that captures the attention and respect of college admissions officers nationwide. The guide, titled The HomeScholar Total Transcript Solution, is a step-by-step, A to Z program that leads parents through the entire process of creating college-ready transcripts that have won many students admission to their first-choice college without having to use more costly options. Those interested in learning more can click here.

The HomeScholar Total Transcript Solution is available at as a downloadable PDF guide and in digital MP3 format. To ensure that no question goes unanswered, Binz offers a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to assist with any specific questions parents may have after going through the guide. Best of all, the $27 price makes the program affordable for all families in need of this vitally important guidance as they begin planning for college.

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