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Total UK Spending on Pet Care Is Predicted to Reach a Record High: Betterware Comments


Birmingham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- According to Euromonitor data, the total of UK spending on pet care is set to reach a level of $7.16bn this year - a record high. This figure is a 3% increase compared to last year and shows a growth of 25% since 2010. This suggests that more money is being spent on pets than ever before, with people increasingly perceiving them as a worthwhile investment.

A key reason for the increase in pet spending is the desire of owners for their animals to have a high quality of life, and to have heightened levels of interaction with the world around them. Many people are taking to treating their pets as they would treat themselves – especially with toys, as this can aid interaction between people and their animals. Another important area of spending is on pampering. This includes popular purchases such as brushes and combs, often used – both to improve the pets appearance and to enhance the relationship between owner and animal.

About Betterware
Betterware is a leading homeware and garden equipment provider – also stocking a wide range of pet products, including grooming equipment and accessories. They are frequent commentators on industry news and were quick to reflect on the estimations of further increases in spending on pets.

"The figures highlight the high levels of interest people take in wanting to make sure their animals are happy" A spokesperson said "This is such a positive thing. Yet although spending is increasing overall, this does not mean that you have to anticipate higher prices. Here at Betterware, we hold the factors of quality and affordability as highly important – meaning that we continue to offer our pet care products at the most accessible prices. From soft toys to colourful novelties, there are so many ways of introducing a little animal magic."

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