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Total Wellness Cleanse Review Exposes the Secrets to New Detox Program publishes a review to one of the most appreciated detox programs at the moment. The Total Wellness Cleanse program promises to be very effective in eliminating body toxins and enhancing wellbeing.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- The Total Wellness Cleanse review on Daily Gossip reveals that losing weight or holding a diet is never simple. However, replacing a restrictive diet with a natural cleanse program may help the purpose of weight loss, while enhancing health and increasing energy levels. The creator of this new detox method claims that through body detoxification, weight loss can be achieved easier. Moreover, users will enjoy many other benefits, such as increased skin beauty and tonus, better mood and enhanced health.

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The Total Wellness Cleanse program was created by Yuri Elkaim, a nutritionist and health consultant, who claims that organic products are not only healthy to be included into diet, but they can work effectively in eliminating toxins. The new program aims to achieve total detoxification through the elimination of all products that may contain chemicals, pesticides and hormones.

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Natural body detoxification will not only make miracles on the skin, but it may also be extremely important in enhancing health. The creator of the new method claims that numerous foods contain a lot of chemicals, which can be very damaging for the body. When chemicals accumulate in the body, they can lead to many health problems, including serious diseases. In such cases people can deal with fatigue, as well as tiredness and weakness.

The complex detoxification method presented in the Total Wellness Cleanse review on, features two phases. Each of these phases lasts 14 days. The first is the detoxification phase during which toxins will gradually be eliminated from the body with the right alimentary regimen.

The maintenance phase is the last part of the program, which will help users make the transition to a new lifestyle that will keep them away from the risk of developing new issues.

The whole Total Wellness Cleanse program is available in a complex package that features all the information users may need to know to be able to implement the method in an adequate way.