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Total Wellness Cleanse Review Reveals Fast and Effective Detox Method

The Total Wellness Cleanse program is now reviewed by, with the purpose to help readers understand more about this method.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- writes in its review that this is an effective and appreciated detox method, used by thousands of people. The program may be accessed by anyone seeking for a fast way to enhance both looks and wellbeing.

According to the review that Daily Gossip just published, the new program was created by Yuri Elkaim. So, the Total Wellness Cleanse program was developed by a popular nutritionist and raw food expert. Elkaim claims that this method is not only safe, it also is highly effective. In the program, users will discover that Yuri Elkaim is absolutely certain that the best way to achieve body detoxification is through the use of natural remedies, only.

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The Total Cleanse Detox is a two phase program. This means that in order to achieve all the positive effects of its usage, sufferers need to complete it thoroughly. The two phases last each 14 days. During the first phase, users will need to implement the cleansing rules of this program. The last 14 days actually is the maintenance part of the popular method.

Daily Gossip indicates in its Total Wellness Cleanse program review that in case users implement this method correctly, they will be able to enjoy enhanced energy levels, as well as better health. The bad eating habits and body fat will be eliminated, along with body toxins.

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This means that the new program can also be highly effective when it comes to weight loss, helping sufferers eliminate the body fat. Body fat development is well known to be favored by unhealthy eating habits and toxins. Moreover, the program will reduce food cravings, purify the blood and eliminate sugar cravings.

The Total Wellness Cleanse review also exposes the fact that the program is all natural. It is a 100 percent food-based body cleanse method, which makes it safe and effective. To be even simpler to implement, the method comes with over 130 original recipes for detoxification. The new program is now available online, for all users to easily download.