Total Wellness Cleanse Reviewed by Best Fat Burners Diary


Calcutta, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2013 -- Best Fat Burners Diary (BFBD), a review publishing website on the latest weight loss diet products and fat loss programs, provides a very informative review on the 30-days diet program designed to promote health and general wellness called the Total Wellness Cleanse.

According to BFBD’s review, this diet plan is developed by three registered nutritionists namely Adam Elkaim, Amy Coater and Yuri Elkaim. Its goal is to have a lifestyle that will not only help in weight loss but also provide for one’s overall health requirements such as better sleep, more energy, immunity boost, detoxification and body cleansing. This diet plan is not just any usual eating programs but serves as an instructor for a new lifestyle and healthy habits to enjoy a great and energetic body!

Inside this diet program is a 14-day cleanse phase material and after completing the first two weeks, another eight-week maintenance meal plan and recipes will be provided. There is also a starter kit consisting of 15 chapters and other features such as the Daily Food Journal, Daily Inspiration Journal, Poop Tracker and the Success Journal.

The review also covers the unique features of Total Wellness Cleanse which makes it different from other weight loss programs available. There are also brief discussions on how this program works and the daily routines where it will be most effective. Additional information such as the program’s side effects, the pros and cons in adapting it, and testimonials and feedback can help those who are interested to try this particular diet plan.

Lastly, the said diet program offers a money back guarantee within the first 60 days if the customer is not satisfied with the results. However, it is advised to consult a doctor first before deciding to use this diet program because some people may not be recommended to have one. Besides, there is no such thing as magical solutions for a good health, it should be a change in lifestyle.

To know more about Total Wellness Cleanse reviewed by BFBD, visit the site and read the complete, detailed discussion about this weight loss program. There are also a lot of other reviews on more fat burning products, programs and techniques that can best suit one’s unique lifestyle.

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