Totalprestige, Known as "a Facebook for Wealthy People", Redefines the Concept of Social Media


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- Totalprestige Media LTD undergoes innovative restructuring and, today, announces its recent partnership with International Business Association Inc. The Decision Makers’ team has decided to differentiate the company's setups and distinguish the Business section from the activities that fall into the cluster of Luxury Lifestyle. The aim for such changes is to offer its affiliates an even more personalized service. In fact, from now on, Business members will be able to benefit from a specific assistance–never seen before: a Personal Account Manager will be assigned to each of them. That is, a dedicated professional who will fulfill the needs and interests of each particular member, thus allowing for time saving and a revolutionary redefined concept of Social Media.

The above mentioned splitting, which is taking place today, implies that the Business section will focus its interest exclusively on members within the decision making area. However, since it was established in 1993, Totalprestige has been providing its members with reliable connections which enable business start-up opportunities. Furthermore, the network has been deeply committed to its customers loyalty management, ever since it was launched online. As a result, within five years, many business celebrities continue to prefer Totalprestige as their starred network. Important figures include, among many others, the Forbes list’s billionaire entrepreneur Alex Shnaider; the sculptor and businessman Lorenzo Quinn; the media entrepreneur and millionaire Paolo Zampolli; and, the renowned Saudi prince Talal Al–Saud. On the other hand, the Luxury Lifestyle section, will be concentrating its efforts on events, news and luxury goods for all those interested.

International Business Association Inc. aims to inspire, strengthen and facilitate the tools and networks needed to support and assist decision makers in order to expand their business. Besides, it provides its affiliates with benefits, such as direct trade, promotion and relationships with potential customers, through professional logistical support and connections.

In the last two decades more than 150 thousand entrepreneurs have joined Totalprestige and the demand increases year after year. One of the decisive factors for such a considerable development is the variety of services provided. Ever since the company was formed, it has been running offline services, and since 2008, it has also incorporated online features. In relation to this, it is important to highlight that the business opportunities and services offered, are not only limited to members with online profiles.

The Luxury Lifestyle section will be specifically dealing with luxury-related activities. This program will continue to act as a mediator for those who have a high socioeconomic status, allowing them to interact within a trusted system that respects its affiliates’ privacy. The platform exhibits luxury facilities, trends, events and news which respond and execute VIP member's needs and wishes (to join this exclusive group, associates must receive a previous private-invite). Totalprestige is also the only social network that manages a Rewards Program through which prizes, in articles and services relevant to members’ lifestyle, can be obtained. The network has a database of 325 thousand subscriptions which unquestionably represents, for brands and luxury goods companies, a high number of elite consumers gathered around only one social media platform.

About Totalprestige
Totalprestige is not only "a facebook for wealthy people" but also an efficient decision maker’s team working for decision makers, who share common interests. It is a platform for associates which allows to build up connections with the support of specialized professionals, thus permitting a wide fulfillment and representation of their interests. This platform certainly is much more than simply a Social Media.

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