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Totem Holsters Launches a State of the Art, Fashionable Diabetic Pump Accessory


Perth, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- Diabetes is an increasingly common health issue all around the world.  Both young and old are affected by this condition. Diabetes brings many changes to the lifestyles of the people affected by it. Many people affected by diabetes use Insulin pumps for greater control and flexibility. In recent years, the use of insulin pumps by people with type 1 diabetes, from small children to adults, has become increasingly popular. Insulin pumps are small, high-tech electronic devices which can make life with type 1 diabetes more managable. provides diabetic pump accessories that make it easy for diabetic people to carry their insulin pump comfortably and discreetly.

Totem holsters features:

- Easy to wear and flexible fit
- Non slip belts
- Super comfortable
- Quality high tech sports fabric used
- Available in different colors and sizes
- Reasonably priced

Totem Holsters has introduced three different types of holsters for its customers. The range includes the shoulder holster, the waist holster and the leg holster. Each type of holster can be used and worn comfortably and securely without the fear of the pump falling out of its pocket. The leg holster is worn on the leg, completely hidden under the clothes, leaving the torso free. The shoulder holster is practical and easy to wear under or over your clothes as preferred. The waist holster is a discreet and comfortable belt worn over or under your clothing. believes in providing quality products only. Their products are made of Supplex cotton Lycra, a high quality, high performance, breathable and moisture wicking fabric, that wears and washes beautifully.

“I always wanted to wear skirts but since using an insulin pump, I always wore pants. I chose the Totem Holsters leg holster so that I can wear my pump with dresses and skirts. It took less than 5 days to arrive and now I am super comfortable wearing skirts and dresses again. My pump is completely hidden, which has increased my confidence as well.” Nicole Kramer, Queensland

Totem Holsters are fashionable, affordable and high quality insulin pump holders. They are discrete and practical for daily use. They are an indispensable accessory for the modern insulin pump users everywhere. Comfortable, easy to wear and trendy, Totem Holsters fills the gaps between medical, comfort, ease of use and style.

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