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Touching Spirit: The Letters of Minominike: Evocative & Educational New Novel Urges Readers to Embrace Their 'Guiding Soul' Within

Masterfully crafted by James C. Washburn, ‘Touching Spirit: The Letters of Minominike’ tells the wisdom-filled story of a man who, three decades after being orphaned and adopted in the Canadian North, discovers a series of instructive letters left by his late grandfather. After musing over them, Tulugaq Kagagi’s life and world view radically change as he returns to a state of spiritual oneness. Washburn’s narrative straddles fact and fiction, inspiring readers to note what they already have in life, embrace their creator and follow the direction of their guiding spirit.


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2014 -- While many authors release books to offer their audience nothing but a quick thrill, James C. Washburn’s ‘Touching Spirit: The Letters of Minominike’ is changing the lives of pre-release readers before it even hits the general public. In short, Washburn’s compelling narrative uses the power of story to ground readers with their soul and equip them with all they need to live in the reality of transcendent love.

Reviewer Stanley A. Canfield sums the novel up perfectly, hailing it, “A banquet of wisdom for the hungry soul. A river of light for the thirsty spirit”.


In the pristine environment of the northern boreal forest, Tulugaq Kagagi muses over a series of letters, written in the vernacular of his grandfather. He recalls his life experiences and the spiritual teachings these events have brought him: transforming his life and worldview. Through the writing of one man and the inner thoughts of another, we too live through wrenching pain and revitalizing joy and peace. From death to life giving ecstasy, we follow the life journeys of two men separated by generations and culture as they find meaning and rest for their lives.

STORY LINE: With the drowning of his parents in 1928, a white infant is orphaned in the Canadian north. Tulugaq Kagagi is lovingly accepted into the home of a childless Ojibwa/Inuit couple, Peepeelee and James. He leaves their home in his teens to continue schooling at seminary in the south. The next thirty years of his life is spent in a traditionally religious vocation. During this time the enfolding of Spirit, its peace and presence slowly fade from his life. In midlife, upon his adoptive father’s death, he returns to the cabin of his childhood and discovers a series of letters written by his great-grandfather, Minominike. His religious education and worldview is challenged by the unconditional love and truth expressed in these letters. As he reads the words of this old man’s life his heart is returned to a time of embrace and spiritual oneness that he has not known in decades. Feeling the wind of the Spirit and sensing the inner whisper of a still small voice, meaning and love are again awakened in his heart.

“Humanity only really wants one thing, and that’s inner peace,” explains Washburn, who has deep connections to native North American Indian and Inuit people. “I wrote this book to pierce that core and pave the way for readers to experience the simple joy of being. We all have the great and good “spirit” within us and, after unlocking it, anyone can be reshaped by perfection, completeness, harmony and most of all – oneness.”

Continuing, “This book is vital reading for anyone who is seeking something, be it from their creator or from within. They will likely find that they already have what they need, and Kagagi’s story will inspire them to find it.”

Pre-release reviews have been nothing but glowing. Michael Bernard Beckwith, author and Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, comments, “’Touching Spirit: The Letters of Minominike’, is a powerful reminder that the Spirit within guides each of us in language unique to our individual heart and soul. James Washburn is a conduit for the realization of our shared humanity and our shared desire to journey home and discover our Original Face. This book is accompanied with a warning: Your beliefs may shapeshift in such a way that causes your life to never again be the same.”

Carlton Pearson, author and Spiritual Director at New Dimensions Chicago, adds, “Life is not so much about learning as it is about remembering what we already know. In ‘Touching Spirit: The Letters of Minominike’ the Teacher Within reminds us of this powerful truth and inspires us to note who we already are. The Teacher Within reconnects and reconciles our authentic selves; an experience reading this book will greatly enhance. I am honored to endorse your brilliant literary work.”

‘Touching Spirit: The Letters of Minominike’, from Kal-Ba Publishing, is due for release on November 27th, 2014.

About James C. Washburn
James “Pep” Washburn was born and raised in rural Wisconsin, initiating an intimate rapport with the natural environment and life in the north. Drawing from his connections to native North American Indian and Inuit people, as well as a deep personal spiritual history in traditional Christianity, he weaves a story that transcends religion, ethnicity and culture.