Touchtalent Offers Creative Individuals a Chance to Make Money from Their Talents

A leading Art website is allowing creative people to come together and share their artistic talents to a worldwide audience while at the same time allowing them make money from their talents.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Art, poetry, and music all have a few things in common. People enjoy creating them; they also like to read, look at, or listen to them. Thanks to Touchtalent, it’s easy to do both. That’s because Touchtalent is making it simple for creative individuals in South Asia and around the world to share their creative work with a rapidly growing audience on Touchtalent’s secure network - all while ensuring that the work remains in the ownership of the seller until it is bought.

Touchtalent has 19 different categories in which users can share their talent, including painting, sketching, sculpting, photography, 3D art, digital art, comics, animation, and others. Unlike other websites, where creative work is simply shared and viewed, Touchtalent allows users to buy, sell, share, and even receive and offer feedback on creative works.

Touchtalent reduces the gap between a creative professional and his fortune,” said Mohd Wassem, founder of Touchtalent. Wassem adds that the platform “provides visibility to creators beyond their immediate social circle without compromising on the ownership of the content.” Wassem also notes that Touchtalent’s unique zero-commission model benefits both buyers and sellers; this is in contrast to most commission-based agents, many of whom take a commission of anywhere between 20 and 50 percent.

Analytics are another benefit of Touchtalent; it’s easy for creators to see, track, and share how many people are interacting with their profile and posts worldwide. In addition, Touchtalent’s website is also secure; users can be assured that while many people will be able to view their work, their information and identity are still protected. Furthermore, Touchtalent also recognizes art and artists featured in its online exhibitions. When a post is selected for exhibition, an Exhibited badge is added to the post page. In addition, the creator of the work receives an Exhibitor badge on their profile page.

Founded in 2012, Touchtalent has already had more than 60 million Social Connects with people from 192 countries as of September 2014; that number continues to grow substantially each month. Yet despite its size and remarkable growth, Touchtalent prides itself on being the accessible, artist-focused forum that was founded in a small hostel. “You will always find someone working in our office,” says Wassem.

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About Touchtalent
Touchtalent is allowing creative individuals to showcase their talents and increase their fan base from a worldwide audience.