Tourism Review Launched French Edition of Travel and Tourism Industry News

The Tourism Review – French Edition has gone live to accommodate the needs of industry stakeholders seeking online marketing tools and industry news. In France alone, there are over 50 million Internet users, or about 77% of the country’s population. In addition, market access is aided by the fact that French is the official language in 29 different countries. It is spoken in Belgium, Canada, and Switzerland in addition to several African countries.


Olomouc, Czech Republic -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- There are about fifty million French internet users online. This makes French tourism a force to reckon with when it comes to online marketing. It is a national language in twenty nine countries. These countries will converse, write and even use online resources with French as an option. This means that most reviews or sites without this option lose out on their market. With many languages being used in review versions to take care of potential markets, TRDN( Tourism Review Digital Network) has opened a digital language portal for its reviews. The potential in the French market is immeasurable. The French are one of the world's biggest tourism contributors. Their destinations are also tourism hubs for most of the other nations including French speaking ones. The site is both promotional and informational. They have destination reviews, links, maps, pictures, videos and access points that make tourism searches a walk in the park.

The new portal boasts of eight languages including Russian, Spanish, Slovakian, English and French. The new portal serves to see that the French readers and net users have access to marketing reviews about places to visit and what to do. The potential on this market is immense. The untapped French market can only be be accessed by tailor making the site to fit the market. TRDN is a a one stop tourism destination and resource information point. You will find press releases and news about your destination without hustling. The French option is receiving more visitors as the French speaking nations can find info about destinations. The portal is receiving reviews in this language and now encourages French articles concerning destinations and tourism points.

The language portal is a revolutionary idea opening up the world to French tourists and travellers. The 60 million users need unlimited access to information on tourism. The option basically changes all the information into a French site. The destinations with French reviews are more likely to benefit from this site. The portal is at the bottom of the site with all language options. The market is slowly realizing the importance of the language in turning in traffic to the tourism review site.

TRND as a promotional site has seen tourism growth all over the world. Their magazines have posted their reviews and pages to this page. The travel magazines have as much influence and information as the site. These review the top destinations, worst destinations and information about them. This now comes in French and other languages. Famous facts like myths about destinations and travelling have been highlighted too. They have flight reviews and hotel reviews that will give you the exact location and information about hotels of interest. The links will connect all the French users to other sites or articles with information they can use. The language portal is simply a lifesaver for the speakers of this language. TRND has set pace for multilingual sites reaching out untapped potential from other nationalities.

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