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Olomouc, Czech Republic -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Traveling and tourism industry is always expanding and evolving as more and more people take time out to travel around the world to different countries learning about different cultures and appreciating the beauty and wonders the world has to offer. As the industry evolves a wide variety of news emerges from this process of evolution, Tourism Review is one of the best resources for learning travel and tourism news from around the world in 10 different languages. Currently, Tourism Review is the leading multilingual media with few news streams that are the daily travel news, weekly Tourism Industry Newsletter, Monthly Online Tourism Magazine, PR Wire; the website caters to the travel industry stake holders such as travel industry professionals and organizations worldwide. By teaming up with some of the most important tourism news sources and agencies from around the world, the Tourism Review has become the one stop online resource for people who want to know all about the tourism industry and the news that is affecting travel. The website has been created for people worldwide, thus the need of more than 90,000 global travel trade professionals have been recognized and taken care of, Tourism Review is a Multilingual new channel that “speaks” 10 languages in its 10 Language Editions in its Tourism Review Online Magazine, Press Release Wire particularly in Chinese, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Czech and etc. which are the main newscasts of the Tourism Review Media. This amazing benefit of having their publications in different languages allows them to cater to many different markets, making Tourism Review a truly global tourism news resource. Tourism Review has decided to spread their effective services even further to more people; they have had a latest development that is an addition of a new language, the launch of Tourism Review Chinese Edition in Simplified Chinese mostly for the Mainland China.

That is not all Tourism Review has to offer to the Global Tourism Industry, besides the extensive range of tourism industry news channels the Tourism Review offers, they have also fashioned a team of tourism marketing professionals who provide a mixed set of online tourism marketing tools to travel trade professionals and organizations. They are able to provide many different options for online e-marketing in tourism such as publicity, banner advertising, social media support all in 10 world Languages. This will allow trade professionals to not online stay up to date on the tourism news from around the world in their chosen language but also take advantage of the news to market their tourism services more effectively.

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