Launches Hotline for Free Competitive Quotations to Stranded Drivers is now offering their free online service over the phone through a new hotline that will enable stranded drivers to identify the best deal in minutes and get recovery help on the way.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2014 -- Listings websites are hugely useful for finding local businesses, and provide an invaluable first step in comparing prices to get the best deal. However, with local businesses rushing to list themselves on websites specializing in their niche, filtering through them all to identify the best deal can take an age. When consumers have a car stranded in the road and need a towing company, time is a luxury they don’t have, and getting ripped off can be an unfortunate consequence of rushing to get help from the first name on the list. now offers a hotline service in which people stranded at the roadside can give their location information and receive quotes from towing companies within their locality direct from one of Towing Santa Clarita’s customer service representatives, enabling them to get help fast, as well as secure the best price.

This is a new extension of their existing service which provides such quotes via email for those who are just searching for future reference, and is designed to provide an easy, free way of ensuring the best deal possible. Whether people are looking for Towing in Santa Clarita 91350 or Towing in Valencia 91355, the site has coverage of the whole of LA.

A spokesperson for Towing Santa Clarita explained, “We have created the hotline to provide an avenue for those who simply can’t wait for an email. By simply calling 661 388 0802 individuals can have a dedicated representative prioritize their enquiry and get quotes from companies in seconds, so they can make an informed decision and get help on the way without being stung by extortionate call out fees. Simply bookmark the site or save the number in your phone to always have this invaluable service at your fingertips.”

About Towing Santa Clarita
Towing Santa Clarita is one of the best towing websites online, and has only been established this year. The site has been created to provide a thorough accounting of all LA area towing services. Their purpose is to cover as many areas as possible with information on towing services so that no one is left stranded in their time of need.

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