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Towne Mailer Now Offers Assistance with Fundraising

Targeted and well executed direct mail fundraising campaigns help clients reach their goal


Missoula, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- A successful direct mail fundraising campaign begins with the right list. Direct mail provides a valuable opportunity to target a specific audience and Towne Mailer works with clients to develop a mailing list that will fit the campaign goals and can be merged into an existing database. As a direct mail specialist, Towne Mailer will search multiple sources to create a targeted, complete and integrated list. Searching zip codes, geographic areas, ages, incomes, number of employees, sales volumes, homeowners/renters, and many other criteria, Towne Mailer creates a list of the right prospects.

With individual name capabilities, direct impression addressing, variable data and digital signatures, Towne Mailer can make fundraising and marketing letters have all the individual appeal of personal correspondence, helping clients generate a better response. These mail campaigns can develop a brand, increase sales or donations, initiate and enhance target market awareness.

Towne Mailer also helps clients maximize their marketing budget for fundraising with bulk mail campaigns at a cost effective rate. While first class mail costs 46¢ per letter and 33¢ per postcard, with Towne Mailer’s automation and presorting that postage rate could be as low as 19.9¢. Non-profit organizations that qualify will enjoy an even lower rate. Meeting postal guidelines is the key to qualifying for low postal rates and ensuring fast delivery. At no additional cost, clients can benefit from Towne Mailer’s experienced feedback and design expertise to create a qualified mailing before it goes to print.

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Towne Mailer, established in 2000, is a full service business mail presort outsource service. The mailing services we offer can best be described best as “We Do It All.” Equally important we strive to save our clients time, effort and especially money with respect to all their mail requirements. The team of eight full-time and four part-time employees pride themselves on customer service, responsiveness and knowledge of all the postal rules and regulations.