Toy Storage Box - A Must Have Tool for 1st Time and Experienced Parents


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2017 -- One of the best tools a parent could ever have is a toy storage box (especially if it's cute). Parents all over the world are left frustrated when stepping on sharp Lego pieces, or when they go to the toilet and notice a book that was left right next to the toilet seat.

And worst case scenario is when friends or family are coming over and there's a "trace of toys" all over the house that needs to be picked up and their kids are too young or they're just not remotely interested in helping out because it is not fun.

Today, all these organization challenges are resolved with the advent of the Katabird Toy Storage Box - not just any toy storage box, but the Katabird one.

The New Katabird Toy Storage Box has made cleaning up a pleasant experience - fun and stress free. It comes in 3 colors: Gray, Light Blue and Orange.

See them here:

The Katabird Toy Storage Box was made with the kids and parents in mind. With safety in mind, it is ergonomically designed to ease the tidying up process - no more mess or fights at home!

The hippo face toy box includes:

- Lightweight, safe and sealable lid. This lid has hippo ears to make it fun for the kids. It is especially designed for children to open it and to close it without hurting their delicate fingers.

- Two handles on the sides, to make it easy for adults and toddlers to pull it from the shelf or move around the house when family and friends are coming.

- Collapsible design, so it can be assembled in literally 5 seconds.

- No sharp edges so kids won't get hurt. The Katabird toy storage box can teach color identification as well as sorting and cognitive skills.

With each purchase of the Katabird Toy Storage Box customers receive a couple of unannounced bonuses. Customers are pleasantly surprised when they receive their toy boxes at home having no idea about these bonuses up until that point.

A 100% satisfaction money back guarantee is also included in the purchase, no questions asked. Which is a great approach in order to make the customer feel confident, comfortable and supported with their purchase.

About Katabird
Katabird offers online good quality home tools with a dedicated mission to deliver one-hundred percent customer satisfaction. Helping first time and experienced parents achieve success in their day-to-day life is one of their goals. Katabird strives to ensure all of their products are made with the end-user in mind by creating simple and superior products.