Toy Storage Box - Perfect for a Fun and Mess Free Home


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2018 -- When it comes to home organizing, safety, fun, patience and speed are the most important criteria that must be met by a toy storage tool in order to be able to save money; cut clean up time in half and minimize stress and anxiety to its max. Hence, Katabird is reminding the market about their best selling Toy Storage Box.

The Katabird Toy Storage Box has a cute bear face with adorable little ears on the lid. The toy storage box is big enough to hold children books, diapers, dolls, lego, crayons, cars, trucks or any type of children's toys or accessories.

The Katabird Toy Box comes in red, blue, orange, pink and brown. It has two sturdy handles on the sides to make it easy to move around the house. It has a lightweight sealable lid with bear ears that can be easily opened and closed by a toddler. It is collapsible and portable, so it can be assembled or disassembled in a matter of seconds.

Also, this toy box has been designed in a very safe way so toddlers cannot stand on it in case they decide to put a cape on and fly.

See what the Katabird Toy Storage Box looks like here:

Planning to have a party and there is no help around? Make the Katabird Toy Storage Box the best "cleaning up" helper. Here's an idea:

Kids will do anything, even cleaning, as long it is presented to them as a fun game. Ask them to pick one colored box to put the books in, then to pick another color to put stuffed animals and then the remaining colored box can be used for the rest of the toys.

Now it's time for a reward. If a parent offers their children a small reward to complete a challenge, they will do it in no time and without complaints. An idea would be the parent rewarding their kids with $1 if they put all the stuffed animals in the brown toy storage box in less than 5 minutes for example.

These features and ideas of the Katabird Toy Storage Box will surely help to ensure that clean up is done successfully and quickly in a peaceful and fun environment.

With kids, parents and grandparents in mind, the Katabird Toy Box is ergonomically designed to best achieve a child safe and mess free home.

The Katabird Toy Storage Box comes with two added free bonuses. The best part is that when purchasing the Toy Box customers are not made aware they'll be receiving any gifts. They come as a nice surprise when the toy boxes arrive at their homes.

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