Bodnar's Auction

Toys Have Become the Predominant Seller at Bodnar's Auction


New Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2018 -- A local auction in NJ has become the leading competitor of its kind. Having been in business for nearly 24 years, Bodnar's Auction has become the largest auction house in Central New Jersey. Bodnar's Auction sells a wide variety of items — over 5,000 each sale, to be exact. From quality antiques ranging from clothes, accessories, and textiles to collectibles including dolls, records, and comics, no sale has been greater than that of their toy collection.

Items that create nostalgia amongst a specific generation causes them to be of high value. Once such pieces become available, people travel near and far to procure such items. Toy sales have been the primary successor to all other products at Bodnar's Auction. Spanning from all generations, toys have simply gained value with age.

Collectors are zealously lured to auctions each year to locate those that specialize in bringing entire collections to the market. Bodnar's Auction has been known to do just that, which sets them apart and allows for consumer engagement to increase more and more each year. These specialized collections attract numerous people to each auction and can span across 42,000 square feet.

Bodnar's Auction in NJ has expert auctioneers available to assist consumers and collectors in all areas of the auction process. Auctions are held once a month at the NJ Convention and Expo Center and are open to the public. Visit their website to view photos and additional details about upcoming items and events.

About Bodnar's Auction
Established in 1994, Bodnar's Auction is the premier auction company of Central New Jersey. With a proven history of operating large-scale auctions at the NJ Convention & Expo Center in Edison, Bodnar's Auction is the leading authority in New Jersey's auction community, offering over 20 years of industry experience. Their team of seasoned auction professionals are second-to-none and help to ensure the best experience and the best results for both the bidders and the estate owners. Learn more about Bodnar's Auction at To contact them, call 1-866-349-7378.