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TQM Logistics Offers Advice for New Drivers This Season


Horsham, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2019 -- Drawing on their years of extensive experience in the trucking and logistics industry, TQM Logistics is offering tips and advice to drivers who are beginning their careers in the field.

One pro-tip they offer is to constantly keep an eye on one's trailer when driving. If the trailer is straying out of the line or going off the road, then one is not handling the trailer correctly. Such a situation can be very dangerous, making proper driving critical.

The team at TQM Logistics also recommends briefly inspecting one's truck after parking. Mistakes such as leaving the blinkers or lights on or parking incorrectly can happen to the best of drivers, making it vital to check one's vehicle after parking. They also strongly advise doing a good pre-trip inspection of the tires, lights, and everything under the hood to help ensure the safety of oneself and others when on the road.

Another tip from TQM Logistics is to utilize the tire paths of other vehicles when parking. Often, a free parking space will still have a leftover tire trail from the previous truck, allowing later drivers to park more easily by tracing their tires over the trail.

TQM Logistics is the prime source for drivers who are looking to take their career to the next level. Those who are interested in learning more about what the team can do for their career, or who would like more information about their available positions, are encouraged to contact TQM Logistics today by calling (866) 823-4519 or by visiting https://www.tqmworkforce.com/.

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