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TR Cutler Inc. Sells Paywall Data Report Data to Global Media Buyer


Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- Thomas R. Cutler, CEO of TR Cutler, Inc., reported Friday, February 28 in a surprise announcement that, “A well-respected global media firm has acquired the paywall data and analysis assembled over the past six months, including comprehensive trend data, case studies, media outlet wins and disaster reports. The research data reveals positive P&L bottom-line impacts to severe subscriber loss, and is the first industry-wide information source to evaluate and describe the efficacy of paywalls.”

Cutler added, “This information purchase was not anticipated, but we recognize that while many of the smaller players in the paywall sector effort to establish their brand, reputation, technology solutions, the enduser customer, namely print and radio media outlets, are looking to evaluate whether a paywall solution is efficacious. We are gratified the information and objective assessment will provide comprehensive direction and guidance regarding paywalls.”

A paywall is a system that prevents Internet users from accessing webpage content without a paid subscription. There are both "hard" and "soft" paywalls in use. "Hard" paywalls allow minimal to no access to content without subscription, while "soft" paywalls allow more flexibility in what users can view without subscribing, such as selective free content and/or a limited number of articles per month, or the sampling of several pages of a book or paragraphs of an article. Newspapers have been implementing paywalls on their websites to increase their revenue, which has been diminishing due to a decline in print subscriptions and advertising revenue.

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Under a non-disclosure agreement, Cutler did not reveal the media firm that acquired these data nor the amount paid for the information. Thomas R. Cutler is the President & CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based, TR Cutler, Inc., ( Cutler is the founder of the Manufacturing Media Consortium including more than 5000 journalists, editors, and economists writing about trends in manufacturing, industry, material handling, and process improvement. Cutler is the most published freelance industrial journalist worldwide; Follow Thomas R Cutler on Twitter @ThomasRCutler.

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