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TR Cutler Reports Online Newspaper Readers Cannot Escape the Paywall


Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- Readers of on-line daily newspaper are going to have to pay for the privilege. So will listeners of streaming radio. Those journalists that are followed and read with rigor will cost as well. Local newspapers are putting a paywall in place full access to the website. To subscribe to the website often costs $3.00 per week, following a discounted trial period.

“Paywalls are a reality. It is not a matter of whether radio, print, and television media will turn to paywalls to monetize their operations….it is a matter of when this year the paywall will be implemented. The data for the report being issued this Spring has reveals that media outlets that attempt to utilize their own internal IT resources fail and have dire subscriber loss consequences. Paywalls are simply a service that must be outsourced to experts who understand the landmines and pitfalls of such an implementation. The best-practice paywall solutions will be part of the report offered free of charge for those media executives requesting the first-of-its-kind data by January 31, 2014,” reported Thomas R. Cutler.

A paywall is a system used by on-line sites to limit access to content. Paywalls typically prevent readers from seeing more than a handful of stories each month before being required to pay for a digital subscription of some kind. The paywall is part of a strategy by media companies to find additional revenue streams.

A number of papers across the country have either stopped printing newspapers altogether, or reduced the number of days they are printing a paper. Media newspapers using a paywall, are implementing a type of system known as a ‘metered system.’ A metered system uses cookies on an internet browser, whether Firefox, Internet Explorer, or some other platform. The cookies measure visits to the site and the number of stories read, and once a certain number of visits have been made in a month, access to the site is cut off.

The first paywall data report is being assembled and distributed by TR Cutler, Inc. Requests for the report made before January 31, 2014 will be sent free of charge upon publication. To receive the Paywall Data Report register at:

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