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"TR" the TUNDRA SWAN'S AMAZING JOURNEY: Based on a True Story of a Tundra Swan's Journey After She Is Trapped in a Man-Made Oil Pit

This children’s book, with wonderful illustrations, is the amazing story of “TR” the Tundra Swan; her rescue and rehabilitation, and her struggle to find her family and continue her migration.


Chesapeake Bay, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- While “TR” is unaware of her fame, the real-life Tundra Swan is about to play a vital role in helping thousands of children learn about wildlife’s struggle to survive.

After John Jopling volunteered at a Bird Refuge and Rehabilitation Center near his home, he converted the experience into an enchanting children’s book that is as entertaining as it is educational and important.

Synopsis of ‘”TR” The Tundra Swan’s Amazing Journey’:

This story shows firsthand the efforts and hard work of the staff and volunteers of the Wildlife Refuge Organizations all over the world who help rescue and rehabilitate birds that come into contact with oil spills. Unfortunately, this story is often repeated and many thousands of birds are not rescued.

As the authors explains: “We’ve personalized the experiences of this amazing bird in the hope that the story will inspire young readers to learn more about wildlife, and the wonderful work that volunteers at the many rescue and rehabilitation centers around the world are doing.

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, one reader commented, “This charming and educational book is a must read for children and adults of all ages. It covers it all: love, loss, family bonds, friendship, survival, the delicate nature of our environment and the life cycle and migration of the tundra swan. Creatively narrated and an artistically illustrated. I highly recommend it.”

A portion of each sale will be donated to Wildlife Refuge and Rescue Organizations around the world.

”TR” The Tundra Swan’s Amazing Journey’ is available now from Amazon and all online book stores.

About John and Hazel Jopling
John and Hazel Jopling live in Maryland on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay which is home to a variety of amazing birds and wildlife.

John's love of flying ( John and Hazel are also the authors of "John, The Airport Kid") led to his interest in bird migration, and his participation in the tracking of "TR" and her amazing journey.’