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Tracker Book Introduces Money Tracker 2-Year Budget & Finance Log Book

Formatted in a 10.5” x 7.5” size and totaling 100 pages, Money Tracker contains an array of financial tools and charts designed to help users better organize their entire financial accounts. The independent publisher of log books now has three product offerings.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- Tracker Book, an independent publisher of log books based in Denver, Colorado, has added a third offering to its product line with the introduction of Money Tracker 2-Year Budget & Finance Log. Formatted in a 10.5” x 7.5” size and totaling 100 pages, Money Tracker contains an array of financial tools and charts designed to help users better organize their entire financial accounts, achieve a higher awareness of income versus expenses, and provide a greater sense of control of money management. Money Tracker is designed to be used either as a standalone money management tool or in conjunction with a computer-based application.

“With the popularity of people turning to electronic spreadsheets and digital applications to manage their finances, at first it didn’t seem advantageous to put together a finance log book,” explains Mark Walters, the book’s designer and owner of Tracker Book. “What became clear, however, after reviewing my own financial situation, is that my finances were no better improved after using a digital application myself for more than two years.”

“What I realized,” continues Walters, “is that when we have the computer or digital application do all the adding and figuring for us, it also reduces our sense of control, not only in a more immediate sense of not doing the calculations ourselves but also in a deeper psychological sense, resulting in a disconnect with money. What I aimed to do is to make a finance and budget log book that would help return this important sense of control to the individual by making financial accounting more interactive and hands on with paper, pencil, and calculator.”

Realizing that financial computations can quickly become complicated and arduous, Money Tracker embraces a simple, streamlined approach in an effort to make financial calculations and the recording of account balances as easy as possible. On the monthly budget tracker pages, users record daily expenses across four broad categories--food, entertainment, products and services, and transportation, with one additional customizable category. Individuals can pinpoint more exact spending within subcategories on the quarterly spending page. Charts have been carefully positioned on each page to make the recording of financial data simple and straightforward, while also providing a clear reading of figures across columns and rows.

Money Tracker’s simple style carries over in its frequent reiteration of the basic financial tenet of reconciling income versus expenses. On the budget calculator page, users determine their amount to budget by listing all sources of income and then subtracting recurring expenses. On the finances page, individuals add all savings account balances and then subtract all debt account balances to display one’s financial net worth prominently at the top of the page to make sure one is on the right financial path.

Because the reading and interpreting of financial data is just as important to successful money management as the recording of information, Money Tracker includes 10 pages of graphs, 6 of which are customizable, that allow users to plot account balances to better visualize financial performance over time. Money Tracker offers a complete snapshot of the appreciation or depreciation of account balances over the entire 2-year span when the book is laid open flat. To make sure that users get the most advantage from using the book, Money Tracker features detailed directions and 5 pages of finance and money management tips.

“Monitoring one’s account balances and recording daily expenses is not always at the top of one’s list of favorite activities,” concedes Walters. “But ignoring finances is a prime reason one gets into financial trouble. I therefore aimed to make a budget and finance log book that is clear and simple to use, has appealing graphics, and is logically formatted so that people will enjoy using it on a daily basis and ultimately gain a greater awareness of finances that works to improve their financial condition.”

With a suggested retail price of $16, Money Tracker is available direct from the publisher at, Amazon, and eBay.

Rounding out Tracker Book’s product line is Fitness Tracker 2-Year Exercise Log with Points, revised and reformatted in December 2013, and Project Tracker 2-Year Time Log & Goal Setter, introduced in December 2012 and slated for revision in fall 2014.

Tracker Book offers a bulk discount to wellness groups, schools, companies, and individuals when ordering 10-pack bundles of any of its log books, an offer that is available exclusively from its website.