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Tracker Book LLC Releases Time Tracker 2-Year Productivity Log

The 100-page time log and goal setting journal is an update of the company’s previously released Project Tracker log book.


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- Tracker Book LLC, a publisher of log books based in Cleveland, Ohio, has released Time Tracker 2-Year Productivity Log, a daily time log, goal setting tool, and productivity journal. The 100-page, 8.5” x 11” wire-o-bound book is an updated and enhanced version of its Project Tracker 2013-14 time log product, released in December 2012.

“We took the main features of the original Project Tracker time log, improved the graphics and layout, and added many additional features that even more effectively help individuals practice better time management, resourcefulness, and accomplishment,” explains the book’s designer and company owner, Mark Walters.

The book’s title was renamed to Time Tracker 2-Year Productivity Log to better reflect its predominant use as a place to record productive time on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. The book’s primary format remains intact: a monthly calendar with a simple grid layout that allow users to record daily time for up to 8 projects or tasks, as well as the ability to tally weekly hours and set short-term goals. Yearly review pages again enable individuals to tally half-year and yearly totals for up to 8 projects or tasks and to graph hours to provide a better visualization of productive time.

The Goals and Accomplishments pages have been reformatted to allow greater customization by the individual. Blank headings provide for the listing of goals and accomplishments either by month or individually chosen category. The use of checkboxes now allows the user to indicate when key goals and accomplishments have been reached. Meanwhile, the Book Tracker pages feature greater customization, with the ability to record books read by user-defined categories or months in the blank headings.

Two brand-new features to Time Tracker include a Wish List section that allows for the recording of recommended books, music, or movies for later study, and a Website Logins section that offers an offline solution for the storage of website logins and passwords. The book now features a more artistically designed cover, more durable twin-loop wire-o binding, and more appealing headers and use of shading throughout its interior pages. The book also contains a simple but effective reproducible To Do checklist.

At a suggested retail price of $15, Time Tracker 2-Year Productivity Log is designed to appeal to artists, musicians, writers, students, and all hobbyists who desire to claim more productive time to devote to their endeavors and to ensure they put in their practice time so they can reach their highest level of achievement. The book can also be used professionally by lawyers or any professionals who needs to record billable task time.

“For a while, I wondered whether Tracker Books could compete with the growing popularity of digital apps and other computer-based programs,” explains Walters. “What became clear, though, is that Tracker Books provide an effective offline solution that returns a vital sense of control to the user. All too often, we rely on digital apps or computers to take over the adding and configuring, which is convenient but also threatens to take away this important sense of control that is a core component to motivation and drive.”

To better reflect the company’s unique role of offering interactive, application-like products in a traditional book, Tracker Book has added an additional slogan to its website: “The App That’s a Book!” The publisher’s original slogan, still featured on its website, is “Log Books for Success.”

With the rollout of Time Tracker, Tracker Book now has a product line of three log books. Its other offerings consist of Fitness Tracker 2-Year Exercise Log with Points and Money Tracker 2-Year Budget & Finance Log.

All Tracker Book products can be purchased from its standalone website,,, and Customers who order multiple copies of titles in 2-, 5-, and 10-pack bundles qualify for reduced pricing when ordering direct from the Tracker Book website.

About Tracker Book LLC
Tracker Book LLC was founded in 2012, at the time known as Fitness Tracker Book and based in Denver, Colorado. The publisher changed its name to Tracker Book LLC in October 2013 and relocated its operations to Cleveland, Ohio, in June 2014.