Tracker Engager Launches with Marketing Technology That Will Revolutionize Online Marketing and Lead Generation


Florence, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- Fortune 500 companys as well as anyone else doing online marketing on the internet using regular or mobile websites can now cash in on this new method of tracking their customers, engaging with them with instantly triggered email, voicemail, or SMS text messages on a per product or service basis. This new technology will change lead generation as we know it.

In the past we have all spent our dollars on getting people to our websites without any real way in place of target marketing to them when they got there. We have all relied on the autoresponder to send out a generic message over the next week or two that would encompass everything we wanted to sell to them and hope that they would return to buy.

At its best that has been a shotgun approach, often too generic and is not targeted enough. With the world wide proliferation of the cellphone and its brothers that can receive voicemail, SMS text messages, and emails, it was only a matter of time for someone to include this technology into online marketing and lead generation from within a website.

David Crabtree, founder of Tracker Engager, states:"What we needed was a way to automatically send out targeted advertising media specific to the product or service the reader was interested in as they land on that page. And it needed to be done in a manner that the reader was already comfortable with. That is why we decided to add in the cellphone with its voicemail, SMS Text Messaging and email capabilities to the mix."

"We wanted to create a way to track the website visitor's every move through the website, and instantly tell the owner of that website what product or service the visitor is looking at. We also wanted it to tell you their name, email address, and cellphone number or any other information you asked for while they were STILL looking at that product or service. Not only did we accomplish that but In fact, you can phone them while they ARE STILL ON THAT PAGE as soon as you got your INSTANT alert! Talk about targeted lead generation and marketing!"

"Can you imagine watching your email box for these instant alerts and calling the person up while they are STILL ON THAT PAGE so that you can discuss that product or lead them to the product that would do them the most good?"

Tracker Engager technology is also designed so that at the same time that they land on that page to view that product or service, it not only will send you an alert, it will also send them your choice of:

1.) A single Instant email explaining about that specific product or service or anything else you want to talk about.
2.) An autoresponder series explaining about that product or service.
3.) A 1 minute pre-recorded voicemail.
4.) A SMS text message WITH a URL embedded in it. (Yes, Tracker Engager is licensed to use a URL in a text message!!)

The same thing can happen when they land on a DIFFERENT page with a different product or service. You can send them out a completely DIFFERENT message using one of the same four choices above. And the website visitor only had to fill out one (1) form with their contact information at the beginning of their journey into the website. This can be done on 1 page or 10,000 pages of your website. You can also use this on as many websites as you like.

"So, not only do you get INSTANT targeted leads," says David, "but you can let this whole thing run on autopilot sending out targeted information that promotes your product or service. You can go on vacation and it will run itself. The sky is the limit on what you can do with this new marketing and lead generation method."

Included in Tracker Engagers monthly membership are complete Mobile, Email, and Voicemail marketing platforms that you can use for any of your marketing needs.

More information about Tracker Engager may be found at

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Tracker Engager
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