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Parents Pierce Space and Time to Mind Their Teens with Teenage Tracker

New tracking system app locates, hears and sees what kids are up to real time


Marbella, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- PureApp Studio announces Teenage Tracker for the Android Smartphone. A tracking device app that uses GPS navigation to keep track of sons and daughters like no other before it. It's 2013 and parents can know in an instant where their teenager is. Plus, in real time, Teenage Tracker feeds audio and video, so parents can hear and see what their kids are doing.

Anton Drobi of Pure App Studio said: "Nothing else like our tracking system app exists. We offer parents a way to know what their tweens and teenagers are doing any time of the day or night."

Not only does Teenage Tracker offer day and night real time access, but also parents have the option of recording tracking location, audio and video data, potentially cutting down on future parent/child arguing. With evidence in hand, including real time Google Maps with traffic updates, excuses from a teenager like, "I was stuck in traffic," become meaningless.

A maximum-security peer-to-peer network insures only parents have access to the tracking system’s location data as well as the live audio and video feeds. This one-of-a-kind tracking system app works in two parts; one app on the parents’ smartphone plots the GPS coordinates on Google maps from the GPS receiver on the teenager's smartphone, which continuously streams the tracking data. A secure ID# and PIN known only to the parents insure only parents have access.

Pure App Studio currently offers Teenage Tracker free in beta testing mode. As a new start-up venture Pure App Studio has a limited number of slots available on their testing platform. Interested Android users are encouraged to sign-up not only for beta testing but also to help fund the Teenage Tracker app project.

Currently, Pure App Studio seeks crowd source funding through IndieGoGo. They are using the popular crowd-funding platform to raise capital for expanding the tracking system testing to 60,000 beta users and to develop a marketing plan. Users who help fund Teenage Tracker on IndieGoGo will receive perks such as custom app creation and android handsets and access to additional apps such as baby monitoring and car security.

Help fund the most innovative family security app ever created. Teenage Tracker not only encourages teens to stay within their parent's guidelines, it will help families in countless other ways. Say a teenager gets into a minor traffic accident; parents can be there on the scene right away providing guidance in dealing with the other party, insurance companies or the police. Nothing like this audio/video tracking device has ever existed to help parents monitor and guide their teenage children.

Teenage Tracker's IndieGoGo campaign began on Saturday, January 26th, 2013. Pure App Studios encourages those interested in beta testing this unique tracking device to sign up at their website http://www.teenagetracker.net. Also check out their Youtube Channel for their promo video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrnPqMwclYg

To find out more information about Teenage Tracker visit their Website, Facebook and Twitter.

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