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Tractor Mac: Children's Books Showcase Fun and Adventure at Stonymeadow Farm

Spawned from bedtime stories they wrote for their children, Julie and Billy Steers now sell over thirty thousand books a year. For a red tractor, that’s a lot of popularity.


Roxbury, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- For Julie and Billy Steers, keeping their young children occupied at restaurants was always a struggle. However, when they started to bring a little toy tractor to the table, little did they know the life this would lead to.

Fifteen years later, the couple sells over 30,000 books a year, with Tractor Mac a household name in hundreds of thousands of homes. The series currently comprises of nine books, an activity book and a board book for toddlers.

Many buy the books for their rich, vivid and inspirational illustrations.

“My husband, even though he no formal art training, illustrates and writes each book himself,” says Julie Steers, who runs the business end of the company.

She continues, “Each book also has a detailed labelled illustration of the Tractor, Mac, and of a featured element of the story on the end pages.”

Selling in stores, niche markets and online, what started as a simple way to entertain their children has grown into a full-time, booming business. Even more remarkable is the revelation that each book is self-published.

“Self-publishing is no bar to success, as we have proven. We work on releasing one new book each year, with next year’s already in the works,” Steers adds.

Series Synopsis

The adventures of Tractor Mac come alive through colorful pictures and engaging stories in a series of children’s books for boys and girls by Billy Steers. Tractor Mac has many friends on the farm that all help him learn about friendship, teamwork, the joy of winning, and how to lose gracefully.

These books for children accurately depict life on the farm through fun and heart-warming stories that are certain to delight the young reader. So come in and meet Tractor Mac who will show you that there is always something new and fun on the farm no matter what the season.

Julie and Billy attend numerous events each year, in order to connect with fans and gain valuable feedback.

“We love to see first-hand the reaction of young children with the books and love to hear parents say Tractor Mac is their child's favorite or they have to read it over and over. Fans also reach out through emails and through social media. In fact, we have grown our business without any formal marketing campaigns,” Steers explains.

The couple’s story is used as the benchmark by other writers who are eager to bear the fruits of self-publishing success.

Mac and his writers expect a bright future head, with a host of new releases and even more fun on the farm.

For more information, please visit: http://www.tractormac.com

Follow the Tractor Mac Facebook group, at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tractor-Mac/183369498342428

About the Author: Billy Steers
Billy Steers is an author, illustrator, and professional pilot. In addition to the Tractor Mac series, he has worked on over forty children's books. Mr. Steers had horses and sheep growing up on a farm and has a keen interest in machinery, history, and farm life. Married with three sons, he lives in Connecticut.