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Tractor Parts Inc. Proudly Does Its Part to Help Farmers

Tractor Parts Inc. has announced that it is helping farmers deal with the uncertainty this year’s farm bill.


Glasgow, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- If the farm bill is not passed soon, the U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will have to write rules to bring the milk-pricing system back to the permanent law of 1949. This law, always ready to go in effect in the case that a farm bill is not passed, shall call on the federal government to purchase and store large amounts of milk until its price nearly doubles from what it sits at today.

Tractor Parts Inc. says that it is the company for farmers to turn to during such uncertain times. The Kentucky-based company can help dairy farmers keep up with the law-induced increase in demand. Conversely, Tractor Parts Inc. hopes to help farmers who are harmed by a failure to pass the farm bill by making it possible to maitain farming machinery operational at the lowest cost possible.

As always, Tractor Parts Inc. is ready to help farmers during times of feast and during times of famine.

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Tractor Parts Inc. wants to meet farmers' restoration and farming needs. Tractor Parts Inc. encourages farm to its site to browse to let it know if they need an item that is not on the site. The company can supply people with parts that are not on display in its online store.