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Tracy Falbe Appears as Fantasy Writer of the Day at Reddit

Participating in an AMA “ask me anything” discussion at the popular social sharing site Reddit, Tracy Falbe fielded questions about her novels. The question and answer format is meant to be fun, illuminating, and help people discover new authors.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- On November 20th, author Tracy Falbe was a scheduled guest at the fantasy subreddit, a forum within the popular social sharing site Reddit.com. The moderators of the subreddit operate a Fantasy Writer of the Day feature that provides a venue for authors to introduce themselves to this genre-focused community that has over 44,000 subscribers.

Using the AMA format that means ask me anything, Falbe briefly described some of the adventures of her life and how these experiences inspired her writing. She is the author of 8 epic fantasy novels and 1 historical paranormal romance that was just released on November 13th.

The AMA format is frequently used throughout Reddit’s many groups. The discussion tool allows people to post their questions. During the days that the AMA is active, the subject then answers the questions. Everyone from famous celebrities to people with extraordinary experiences uses the AMA system to interact with Reddit users.

Fans of Falbe are encouraged to visit her Fantasy Writer of the Day AMA to ask questions about her novels.

“If you want to ask me why I killed your favorite character, this is the place,” Falbe said.

She is also expecting to answer questions about fantasy writing, where she gets ideas from, and what kind of fantasy books she enjoys.

Her fantasy novels are driven by themes of empire, slavery, courage, and human societies controlled by elite magical races. She prefers to expand on typical fantasy formulas and create characters from all types of circumstances.

“I write about outlaws and power hungry conquerors and escaped slaves. My fantasies aren’t just a teenage boy gets a magic sword and changes the world stuff,” Falbe said.

Her novels are available in print and digital formats. They are available at numerous online retailers. Complete information about her work can be found at Brave Luck Books.

Her titles are:

Union of Renegades, The Goddess Queen, Judgment Rising, The Borderlands of Power, Rys Rising, Savage Storm, New Religion, Love Lost, and Werelord Thal.